Jennifer Lawrence’s Nightmare with X-Men Costumes #short #shorts #xmen #Mystique

Watch Jennifer Lawrence spill the beans on her X-Men costumes and makeup. She tells Jimmy Fallon how she hated being Mystique and how she got sick from the blue paint. Find out how they fixed it in the second movie.

#short #shorts #xmen #Mystique

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31 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence’s Nightmare with X-Men Costumes #short #shorts #xmen #Mystique

  1. Mystique was played by two actresses in the X-Men film series. Rebecca Romijn played the character in X-Men from 2000 to 2006. Jennifer Lawrence played a younger version of the character in X-Men from 2011 to 2019.

    How Rebecca Romijn did makeup for Mystique is also on the channel.💄☝

  2. I knew she hated the process of designing the costume onto her but I didn't realize she had allergic reactions to the paint. That's a lot more understanding

  3. I dont know why they do only a Make up, but not a Costume for her, like the others.
    I mean, Mystique is Blue Skin and always wearing something… a White Dress(Classic) or a Costume for battles…But in movies is another History.

  4. As a kid. I don't know why she is naked. She has clothes in the comics people. Who's idea was this!? Kids are going to see it. Made as well give it an R rating on it