Jared Leto’s Joker Transformation #TheSuicideSquad

Go behind the scenes of Jared Leto’s incredible transformation into the Joker for the upcoming movie, “The Suicide Squad.” Watch as Leto undergoes intense makeup and costume changes to become the iconic villain. From his green hair to his pale skin and sinister tattoos, every detail is captured in this exclusive footage. Follow along with the hashtag #JaredLeto #JokerTransformation #TheSuicideSquad

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36 thoughts on “Jared Leto’s Joker Transformation #TheSuicideSquad

  1. He was best joker for comic accuracy in my opinion but I’m used to the older comics where joker was a legit serial killer and when he used to actually be a gangster

  2. ⁠The joker character as a modern joker could work but Jared Leto did not fit the role. He’s normally a decent actor but he could not act out the joker role his acting was horrible in this movie. The Grills also aren’t it and that stupid tattoo on his hand is goofy you can’t take him serious. Jokers whole identity is his smile and his laughter it’s supposed to be crazy and creepy but his grills did not give him a natural smile

  3. terrible look, laughed like the penguin, an did cringy weird stuff… pretty sure he just played himself with no social constraints

  4. You did the character joker so freaking awesome I hope if they do another suicide squad movie that you'll be the joker again you were awesome phenomenal magnificent amazing