Jamie Foxx Speaks On Diddy Private Parties and Exposed To Much & Still Hospitalized

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20 thoughts on “Jamie Foxx Speaks On Diddy Private Parties and Exposed To Much & Still Hospitalized

  1. Diddy dont say a word. You will get yours. Diddy karma. Diddy would you like the same to your childrens. Yoy are a suck fuck. Artist rappets keep your childrens away from diddy. he will grom your childtens. Diddy 50 cent ans jamie fox mrs. Willisms and all the raoe boys you raoe will be confortting you soon. Mant rappers are not witj your sick shit. I prat you get raoe by many mens in jail. You will meet karma. We have many oeople goimg after you. You will burn sick fuck. Jammie fox put this fuck in jail. Hes not above the law. Put diddy in jail

  2. The thing about it is he's joking but some of this stuff he saying is real tho cause if you pay attention to the time frames and really knw what he is talking bout

  3. Great video… he spoke from the heart and seeing the joy expressed telling these stories is priceless. Always hear what he does for others. super cool! 😎

  4. I been thinking this about Diddy anyway if you flip flop it is what it is one way or another it’s gonna come out and by somebody that he actually was with

  5. The video was entertaining, and I commend Jaimie Fox for helping out now-famous entertainers when they were just getting started in the industry. What is alleged that Puffy Combs did to him if true then he needs to face criminal charges for attempted murder. My prayers go out to the Fox family.