Indian Girl reacts to EUROVISION 2023 – Grand Final (Part 2)

WARNING: Flashing lights throughout this video

0:00 – Introduction
0:37 – Czechia
5:17 – Australia
9:36 – Belgium
12:59 – Armenia
17:31 – Moldova
21:52 – Ukraine
26:14 – Norway
29:53 – Germany
35:46 – Lithuania
39:28 – Israel
45:29 – Slovenia
50:18 – Croatia
55:03 – United Kingdom
59:14 – National Juries explained
1:01:08 – My Personal Ranking
1:03:18 – National Juries, Speak Your Truth!
1:03:28 – Ukrainian Jury
1:04:04 – Italian Jury
1:04:31 – Latvian Jury
1:05:07 – Dutch Jury
1:05:27 – Maltese Jury
1:06:03 – Moldovan Jury
1:07:18 – Irish Jury
1:07:37 – Sammarinese Jury
1:08:36 – Azerbaijani Jury
1:08:55 – Austrian Jury
1:09:34 – French Jury
1:10:31 – Finnish Jury
1:10:51 – German Jury
1:11:26 – Portuguese Jury
1:11:58 – Croatian Jury
1:12:15 – Estonian Jury
1:12:44 – Armenian Jury
1:13:10 – Polish Jury
1:13:41 – Romanian Jury
1:14:15 – Out There with Loreen
1:14:49 – Icelandic Jury
1:15:17 – Serbian Jury
1:15:40 – Cyprian Jury
1:16:13 – Norwegian Jury
1:17:03 – Swiss Jury
1:17:21 – Australian Jury
1:17:46 – Danish Jury
1:18:03 – Spanish Jury
1:18:24 – Israeli Jury
1:19:06 – Swedish Jury
1:19:42 – Georgian Jury
1:20:19 – Czech Jury
1:20:38 – Slovenian Jury
1:21:08 – Greek Jury
1:21:48 – Albanian Jury
1:22:05 – Lithuanian Jury
1:22:34 – Unitedish Kingdomian Jury
1:23:34 -Audience Vote!
1:35:05 – Goodbye

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40 thoughts on “Indian Girl reacts to EUROVISION 2023 – Grand Final (Part 2)

  1. Your thoughts about Australia are interesting but also completely wrong. Voyager is trying for years to go to Eurovision. In 2022 they came second in the national qualifier.
    But I agree that they are fantastic guys with great charisma.
    Thanks for your reaction videos. I enjoyed them a lot. Hope you will take a look on other Eurovisions from the past.

    Greetings from Germany

  2. There's a theory that this song is about Israel-Palestinian issue. And a lot of countries doesn't recognise Israel making it a "unicorn" so she's showing them the power of unicorn. Also read thea lyrics again and see it as a POV of an Israeli girl who wants to just co exist peacefully with Palestinian people. Then it will make sense

  3. Moldova performance is about an old Moldovian tale. This is before Christianity came in Moldova that's why they're worshipping Sun and Moon.

  4. Czechia song "My sister crown" refers to slavic sisterhood and how Russia is trying to take their slavic sister which is Ukraine's crown. And that's why there's a line call choose "Love over Power" refering to how Russia should choose Love over Power. Also "we don't want no more boys dead" refers to the young soldiers getting killed in the war.

  5. 1:06:14 you definitely are just a hater 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Also at the San Marino voting: they were booing because San Marino likes to give points to Italy, and not because "they don't like that Italy gets so many points". I don't know why you are quite fair to other acts you don't like, but when it comes to Italy, there's really no need to hate them so much. For example, every points that they get you comment with "well, they're close to each other and share a border", but Portugal should give 12 points to Spain, because that wouldn't be just giving your neighbors points?
    More power to you for getting my views on your video, but I don't think I'll come back for future ones.

  6. Oh girl I agree with you so much with your opinion on Italy. I feel like every year they send the same kinda song, a male ballad with ok vocals and a mediocre performance, and yet they always score top 5/top 10. Idk

  7. As a swede I can say that a lot of the swedish people did want Finland to win because it is a song that's better fit for eurovisions vibe as a whole but of course we're still happy that we won. The fact that ABBA will have their 50th eurovision anniversary next year it is litterally perfect for Sweden to host the event so that's why the international jury made sure that Loreen won.

  8. Not you criticizing Monika's vocals but not Mae's lol. Besides that I have loved these videos, I would love to see more ESC related stuff from you. Maybe some 2000's camp so you can witness why juries are needed

  9. Eurovision points has traditionally been given in both French and English, Katherine Tate was just harking back to the past of Eurovision. Also Greece speaking French is also a tradition of the Juries. They used to give the points in English, French or German.

  10. in mama SC they try to paint a picture of the psychopath dictator as a little child that wants a toy tractor from mom and sees war as a game thing and dangerous weapons as toys.

  11. Again, a great reaction to something you're just jumping into.

    So I'll focus on a couple of things from the voting sequence you mentioned:
    Firstly, the juries are necessary after the monopolisation in the early 2000s of the televote only by mostly Central and Eastern Europe countries, where they share a very similar culture in terms of music tastes. This meant that there were many wins from televote only that ignored sometimes better songs from Western Europe.
    Secondly, the way the jury score is done, is through a kind of exponential system, where countries in the top 10 have a strong chance of points. The bottom 16 of individual juries actually don't lose out that much because one of the 5 jurors can put a country in their top 5 and they are very likely to get points.
    Thirdly, the reason for Italy and Sweden doing so well is because it's very hard for an overall jury to mark such good vocal performances down
    Finally, and my main criticism of the jury, they are not diverse in terms of their musical background. Over 50% of the jury is rooted in pop music. This is down to national broadcasters choosing.

    So, the juries are absolutely necessary (e.g. songs like Estonia wouldn't get many points at all if there were no juries), but could do with some reform for sure. I was actually at the jury show, and Finland performed well, it went down very well in the arena, but the juries just needed that one excuse not to support it, and they had it with a poor vocal performance from Kaarija. Unfortunately that's all they needed to justify not supporting it. Still, the final jury results were sometimes absolutely ridiculous, especially the amount of jurors that had Finland last of all – sorry, but no. When you had other poor vocal performances, that didn't mean they came last, it's crazy. That is also why Norway didn't do too well with the juries, and the same with Ukraine. Germany, I'm sorry but there was no justification for their lack of points. The reasoning probably again lies in the make-up of the juries (i.e. pop-focused overall and not rock/other genres).

    Final thing to point out is that historically, since the juries came in, the televote still has more power overall than the juries. In fact, the jury winner has only exceeded the number of televote points of that same winner once before this year – Portugal 2017 and Sweden this year. Usually the highest televote tends to win (or at least offset the jury winner). Netherlands in 2019 was 2nd in the televote and 3rd in the jury and won. But never has there been such a gap between the top two in the jury as this year. It was unprecedented, but when you know how the jury ranks work in terms of average numbers, you can see why Sweden, and then Italy and Israel, are hard to have outside the top 10.

    Oh, P.S. Italy is always by default last for me because they always send a male sung boring ballad (a product of their national song contest, San Remo, which has an across the generations public vote and is the inspiration for Eurovision itself), and there was no exception this year. It sat in about 32nd for me until I saw it at the jury show. And I couldn't deny that the performance from Marco was incredible and it jumped into my top 10 in 9th place (As mentioned above, if on average jurors put it in top 10, it's likely to jump up the leaderboard). It was very hard to mark it below 10th live.

  12. So when Greece revealed their points the entire Europe had a colective gasp. Every single time that Greece and Cyprus could vote for eachother they always and I do mean always gave eachother 12 points. Them giving only 4 points was such a shock

  13. So an interesting thing about the jury voting. Most of the time the presentors of the points are people who are actually conected to the show, for example Armenia's points were presented by a Junior eurovision winner, Portugal and The Netherlands by their last years representors and Poland by their 2020 and 2019 junior eurovision host.

  14. 1:17:13 they were cheering Käärijä! The way he was getting so much love always makes me smile sm!! Like all the "Cha cha cha" and "Käärijä" were giving me goosebumps!

  15. I'd recommends you looking for the broadcasted reactions of channels like bbc where there are spokespersons who talk about the songs, the countries and the artists during the post-cards as well as in the voting which makes the experience much more enjoyable especially for casual viewers who don't know a lot about the songs prior to the live show

  16. I don't agree with your complaints about the voting system.

    Sometimes the jury and televote agree, sometimes they do not. For the past two years the televote winner ended up winning the contest. This year the jury winner won, it's a fair enough balance.

    The jury is there to maintain a certain level of quality. If the voting was 100% public, we would have way more joke acts that would have a negative effect on the status of the contest.

  17. In my opinion we definitely need Juries. During the 2000's there was a period without them and what happened was a lot of political voting, since in the public vote you can vote for whoever for whatever reason (except your own country), and the entry's became less serious to appeal to the public, which was fun but gave the competition a bad name as something to not take serious, and a place where no real music is produced. So while we need the Juries, they definitely have their flaws. In my opinion if they add more people to each juries (anywhere from 10-20 people in total) and increase the amount of variety between each Jury members such as their background and age and all that stuff then we can get far more fair results. Another things that could help would be adding more criteria for them to base their rankings off, and having them provide reasons to their rankings. I definitely think Loreen deserved to win, and I think she won fair and square, given the current rules of competition. But I think if you're supposed to be ranking off of certain criteria, and you have 26 acts, all of (in my opinion) decent – amazing quality, then it doesnt make sense for one act to gain that much of a lead in the votes.

  18. The problem with Germany getting so little points isn't that people didn't like it. The problem is that countries only give points to their top 10, and Germany was usually in every country's 11th-15th place. A country will get more points if one country puts it 10th and all others put it last, than if all countries put it 11th

  19. Some probably already pointed this out, but they can't change performances in between the semis and the final. By the time semi-finals air, what you managed to get sorted out is what's gonna be seen in both shows. You can add or alter a camera cut if it was obvious that something was off in the semis (a camera operator in shot for example) or change your outfit or hairstyle

    as for the jury in 2022, the juries vote on the night before the live show during the dress rehearsal, also known as the jury show. This ensures that they have time to go through the votes and make sure that everything is in order, and to ensure that the jurors have no idea how the audience voted, which would influence their ranking if the audience votes were to be tipped off to them. When going through the votes of the second semi final, their algorhythm found that 6 countries had voted for eachothers, putting the other 5 very high (and all other countries putting the said 6 lower). Those jurors were excluded from the contest going forward

    1:06:14 yeah italy was overrated

  20. You should totally continue this and watch some of the older editions in full if you have the time or you could get a feel for all the winners from the infamous Schlager Lucas vids and then select the ones you’d like to see the full performance from

  21. I loveee your honest reactions to Eurovision!!! If you ever decide to watch past eurovision years I think that 2009 is the best year to start because it is a beloved year among the fans and you can go on after that so that you are not spoiled with the winners.

    Anyway great videooo <3

  22. Hope to see your reaction to the semifinals and finals from the previous years. Big like that you don't try to fake the reaction if the song is garbage.

  23. Vesna is a band. The 3 who don't have mics are usually the musicians of the group. Eurovision doesn't allow for live instruments (anymore, historically it used to be all live instruments). Most bands still mime playing because that's how they usually perform. Vesna opted against that.
    The opening of Norway's song is actually Italian as the singer is half Italian.
    The juries are really big on ballads and the vocals. Italy and Sweden were always going to get a shit ton of jury votes because of it. Italy having a boring performance with random dudes on a trampoline in the background doesn't seem to have deterred them. Israel's jury score was kind of odd.
    Votes and such must be given in either English or French