‘I cried for three hours’: Parth Samthaan In A TELL-ALL interview | EXCLUSIVE

In this new episode of Baatein Ankahee Season 2, Parth Samthaan opens up on his transformation inspired by Hrithik Roshan’s character from K3G, dealing with lack of support from family in initial days, sleeping on marine drive, battling rejections and setbacks, losing his father, learning to wait, working with Sanjay Dutt, and a lot more.

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0:00 – What to expect?
0:26 – Surprise
3:00 – Transformation like Hrithik Roshan
8:44 – How to break ice with Parth?
10:06 – Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai
11:46 – Lack of support from family
13:55 – Struggling phase
18:10 – Rejections & TV tag
20:59 – The art of ‘waiting’
23:02 – Losing his father
24:59 – 3 years break
28:45 – Emotional setback
31:28 – Film debut
33:55 – Sanjay Dutt
36:19 – Love life
37:54 – Future work
40:05 – Outro

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27 thoughts on “‘I cried for three hours’: Parth Samthaan In A TELL-ALL interview | EXCLUSIVE

  1. The psycho he is talking abt is not Disha Patani….he is talking abt Sushmita Chakraborthy…and she is a struggling model

  2. Sometimes I just wonder, Jo cheese Manik ko Niyonika ke bare meh sabse jaida na pasand thi, wohi Parth ke saath real life meh hua. Sorry Parth but Khushali is not the right choice.

  3. I am sorry but if you are dating kushali , I Don't like it, nd I new most of the people agree with me, but we know that its your life you have your own decisions I respect it but kushali she not one for you o think??????

  4. Sir one request is there that please inform Parth Sir that there is some one who is miss using his name please it's really inform him because I don't know who is that guy he is talking with me on whatsup and saying that he is Parth Samthan I hope this msg will reach him and he will be alart thank you.

  5. This Interview is so damn good😍 Parth Samthaan shared His Journey, His Hardships This is So Inspiring..May He Get more Recognition As an Artist ❤

  6. His whole journey is so inspiring. So proud of him . Following him from the times of BFF series which used to come on channel V… Love u parth, always gonna support u 💗