Hunger Games in Real Life part 2 || Who Will be the Winner?

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Hunger Games in Real Life – what does it mean? This means that the teenagers are in very dangerous circumstances. And only the strongest will survive. They have to go through many tests and show courage and ingenuity in order to beat the competition. With each passing time, the test will be more and more difficult. Many will have to leave this game, but some of them will stay and receive a secret prize. What do you think is in store for these teenagers? Find out in our new video – Hunger Games in Real Life part 2 || Who Will be the Winner?

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50 thoughts on “Hunger Games in Real Life part 2 || Who Will be the Winner?

  1. Why is Alice in district 10 she should've been in district 7.And Mia and Cindy should've been in district 3.Nate well he's half district 2 or district 4.Chris should've also been in district 12 .Kitty should've just been in district 10.And finally Tyler should've just been in district 9

  2. Crazy Ghar Tum Hunger Games Mein dusri wali games Mein Puri Nahin batate 10 wale Mein pura batate Ho Tumne videos Telugu Urdu Wale Ki pahle Banaya karo subscribe video ko subscribe pahle aap ki video banate hain Hamari Nahin banate Hungama dance wala part 2 aap pura banaya tha Hamare liye Nahin bus Thoda Sa aap 5 Din 1 din ke andar hi hai banae channel Gaya

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