How Tragic The Beginning, How Crazy The End!#joker #shorts 3/3

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In the cold, wet and hopeless Gotham City, the humble Arthur Frank relies on playing the clown to earn a living. His mother, who is dependent on him, suffers from mental illness. Arthur remembers his mother’s teachings and laughs at life no matter what setbacks he suffers, but as a result, he puts himself under immense pressure and is on the verge of collapse. He dreamed of becoming a stand-up comedian, but life hit him hard on the head with disappointment again and again. Not only that, he loses his job in an accident. A chance glimpse of his mother’s secrets brings him back to the longing for the father he has never met and whose status is so different from his own. Fate has a habit of going against the grain, and in the empty subway, the sad clown goes on a killing spree in an uncontrollable maniacal laughter ……

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