How Designer Brands Keep You Poor

They target the poor, not the rich. Buying designer brand products can trap you in a cycle of chasing status, sinking debt, and losing out on the chance to build real wealth. Let’s talk about why designer brands will keep you poor.

In this video essay, we’re talking about how designer brands, from Hermes to Louis Vuitton to Rolex, are bad for your financial health. Spending money on designer items comes at a cost to your bank account and to our planet. These flashy brands create a fake illusion of wealth, but are they what actual wealthy people buy?

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Time Stamps:
00:00 The Birkin Bag
01:59 We seek manufactured status
03:17 Keep you poor
03:35 Targeting the poor
05:28 ‘Millionaire Next Door’
06:08 Celebrities wear designer though, right?
07:15 Preying on those who can’t afford
07:53 The ‘Pretty Woman Effect’
09:19 Trapped in the cycle of chasing
10:33 Intention living
10:56 Designer brands wastefulness
12:12 Fashion industry is a menace to our planet
14:12 Climate change impact on poverty
14:44 “Investment Pieces”
16:29 Designer bag vs Stocks
18:31 Final thoughts

Want to read more? Here were some of the sources I used while researching for this video:

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25 thoughts on “How Designer Brands Keep You Poor

  1. Wanting to be seen 'high status' is an american east coast thing. I lived there for 4 years and it drove me f nuts. Back in Australia now and everyones authentically themselves and not constantly trying to show a masked version of themselves.

  2. There's plenty well made and beautiful items from mid priced brands and less well known brands/unbranded. And making your own fashion, if you have the time to get skilled enough, can be a great way to make quality and unique items that fit you perfectly. I buy most of my stuff secondhand and make some of my own garments. I don't look rich but that's not the look I'm going for anyways. My style is casual, alternative, goth. Been like this for twenty years.

  3. It’s just “stuff”. When you die, you don’t take any of it with you. Laying 6ft under, you are just as poor as the person laying a couple of feet away in the next casket.

  4. Even if I was a millionaire I wouldn’t buy any of it: most of them are ugly as sin. My bags are all Kipling: sleek, robust, elegant and match everything I wear. Plus the quality is amazing. I love Kipling bags.

  5. Nice summary! You might find yourself on a manhunt list of the French Secret Service 🙂 That's the mainstay of their economy: Sell overpriced stuff which noone needs.

  6. I'm glad I stumbled upon this video. I agree with you wholeheartedly but one thing that I recently came to terms with is that there have to be a bunch of people buying LV bags for the LV stock to go up. Without overconsumption we wouldn't see the rate of growth we have been seeing.

  7. each one is resposable for his choice. The designers are just tradepeoples. They have understood how to make more money by saling their. monogramms or name. And the customers who want to show they are "rich" buy these items.
    This isent the eleganz. The eleganz is refinement and discretion.. Look at the real rich, ( Queens, princesses, big industry owner ….. and aristocrats) they dont show the monogramms or marks. When they have something from a known designer it s always discreet. Only the "knew riches" want to show how many monney they "have" and often they havent " class" – eleganz

  8. When I was in my late 20's and 30's I had a good paying job and became extremely materialistic. I had to drive a Mercedes, always wore PoloRL clothes, MCM wallets and purses, bought a Rolex everything was top of the line. I know now I did for others to impress them to show I had "made it". The problem with that life is it's empty and always wanting more stuff. Long story short I lost it all and gained and lost and then finally realized this all ends everything you love dies and everything you have will be gone. I am now 60 but I remember at 40 I decided I will find myself and who I am and what makes me happy. I am happier now than ever without caring what anyone thinks about me or what I have. Old guy tip…..don't worry about impressing others no one cares and it's not worth it ~

  9. You didn't factor in the impact of inflation : $3500 in 10 years is going to be far less in value than 3500 today. Conversely, the increase in investments does not factor in currency depreciation.

  10. i havent watched a second of this video nor will i ever need to, this is the most obvious shit ever, of course its a scam, of course you shouldnt piss your money about on stuff.

  11. Don’t run you’re CC either just to say I mean it’s ok if you have No limit black CC and if you can able to pay within you’re take home paycheck but if you making or take home 1,500 or less in two weeks then you buying a purse worth 3k 😂😂😂 then you fooling yoo self