Hot Topic Employees, What Are Your Horror Stories ?


Hot Topic Employees, What Are Your Horror Stories ?
This video is filled with crazy stories. Be sure to watch the entire video 😉

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38 thoughts on “Hot Topic Employees, What Are Your Horror Stories ?

  1. Whenever I visit my family in the states it’s tradition for me to buy at least 1 shirt from MCR (I have 12 of them in total lol) it’s always a pleasure to shop there the employees are sooooo nice and helpful. It was very sad to hear the story right after Columbine happened and having people who are considered “outsiders” or “outcasts” take the brunt of what those two kids did. Peoples anger was very missed directed 🥸

  2. Wait is Story 12 actually my mom? XD God she was ridiculous in Hot Topic when my baby brother was little many years ago. She would complain to the employees telling them to turn the music down cuz she had a baby in there and tell me to leave pretty much right away cuz she didn't like the place. I'm glad to be an adult. dont gotta deal with that crap anymore XD. She's still annoying even to this day though idk. And that's why I avoid her at all costs!

  3. I work at Spencer’s and it’s very similar crazy weird people plus the adult toy section shenanigans. Once a year we will find a used toy left somewhere. Not to mention the bad pay but the rest is usually awesome and I look forward to going to work

  4. Hi, ex HT employee here 🙂

    I don't have anything absolutely horrendous but I do have 2 stories.

    1: I was in for a shift at 7 am on a Saturday (7-1) and I was so tired. I had barely put on any makeup and was a wreck, and my anxiety was terrible. It had been super slow, but then this one lady came in. She got a shirt and something else. I was her cashier and this lady was a BITCH. I accidentally handed her 60 cents short of what she gave me (there was a system error so that cash amount was wrong on screen), and she proceeded to berate me and scream at me until my coworker took over. I was almost crying at the register. Once the lady left, I went to the bathroom and lost it, and most literally threw up and had to go home.

    2: The first week of me working there, I caught a guy following and creeping around a group of girls maybe about 9 years old.

  5. As someone who admittedly shops at Hot Topic as an adult, the people there are always so unbelievably nice. I always make a point of telling them they’re good at their job and have even written good reviews online for specific employees multiple times lol. Seriously, the training is doing something right.

  6. Me being an awkward depressed pre teen going to HT, and the employees getting me to try on some cloths that make me look amazing when I thought I was a fat roll. They weren't aggressive, but they were very encouraging. Gave me the confidence to overhaul my entire look and get some confidence.

  7. As a brony (pegasister), I officially state that not all bronies are like the weirdo in story number 4, "Fluttershy". Those types are few and far between, and nobody in our fandom would be caught aliven't in a shirt like the one described, especially in public. I cringed so, so hard. Ugh…

  8. I work in hot topic and we have the occasional drunk/high person come in (like meth high). He’s walking towards me with a purpose and I just ask him if he needs help looking for anything. He says no then inches closer to me and whispers in my ear “my wife” then tries to kiss me while making smooching sounds. I backed up real quick and he looked at me and asked “no?” And I shook my head and went between my coworkers. He eventually came back in that day and my awesome manager told him to leave or else she was gonna call the cops. He did eventually leave and I have yet to have another experience like that again so far

  9. I worked there for about a year and a half fresh out of high school. Got hit on by a very drunk woman and given her number on a wrapper. Super awkward but ultimately I never saw her again.

  10. It always weird going into a Hot Topic for me because it always felt like I was being hit on. Some reason emo and goth looking girls were digging the pale skin and shaved head look. It's like I would just be in the store wasting time, see the emo looking female cashier, "so um I see you are looking at our Mega Man t-shirts," (twirls hair) "Um do you like Mega Man." 🤣

  11. being hot topic, there are many differences. but working in retail, we all have that one customer who 'wants a discount or looking for coupon' and then proceeds to flip out as though its your fault that it costs that much! Retail and restaurants really show you the darker side of what people are capable.

  12. Ugh, I remember my Brony phase. It was in a period in my life where I was starting to be much more outgoing and emotionally open, so you can see how that would be a recipe for embarrassment.

  13. PLEASE stop using moving and/or video game footage as the backdrop for your stories! A lot of viewers including myself have vertigo and/or severe motion sickness 🙁 I'm sure there is a still photo that would apply for any subject 😉 Otherwise I enjoy listening to these videos 🙂

  14. In defense of those two neckbeards, we Hellblazer fans are VERY protective/defensive of our Johnny boy. It's still just niche enough that it's not quite "mainstream", and it's a particularly beloved character that's more "authentic" then the whole capes and tights crew. I can understand their reaction to the situation, however if it had been me and as a HUGE Hellblazer/John Constantine fan myself, I would have nerded out with the dude and showed him my favorite arcs and artwork. Maybe introduce him to something he's yet to experience if he's new to the series/character, and if he's more familiar I'd want to know what he likes so we can compare/contrast and have a conversation. The last thing I would want to do is gatekeep and turn him away from something I enjoy. I used to be more elitist and gatekeepy and shit when I was younger, but I've long since matured past that and I much prefer welcoming more new people into a common interest or hobby that we can enjoy together rather than continuing to invest in it by my lonesome. I'm probably one of the most solitary people you'll ever meet, but even I crave companionship and sharing an interest or two with others from time to time…

  15. Hot Topic staff always seem to be so nice, it’s fun to go there and shop cause their not immediately on you as soon as you walk in like “hi welcome to blah blah blah, let me tell you about a sale we have,” etc etc. their just chill, say hi welcome let me know if I can help you find anything. It’s fun to shop there.
    Karens going there sometimes is the funniest thing cause they either have a strong hatred for the style of clothes (rock band tees or ripped jeans) or the music that plays in the store. I saw a Karen with her teenage daughter get booted from a Hot Topic once. The daughter slunk off and her mom got booted cause she was complaining about them having skulls everywhere and everything being black. It was funny to watch.

  16. "You remind me of my daughter." I think if someone said that to me in that sort of situation I'd have been fired because the sarcasm would have been rolling off the tongue. "Really? Does she know you want to screw her brains out? Or are already doing that?"

  17. Halloween night at a pop-up shop with Halloween merch: a guy in a suit was going off at a teenage girl about a rubber mask that was too expensive according to him, and he was trying to convince her that she wouldn't be able to sell any of that merch after Halloween so the prices should be lower and it was her last chance to sell anything. Like, my dude in a suit thinks the teen had any power to set the prices of that merch, kind of makes me think that the suit was a part of his cosplay and just for show. The dude should have just gone to whatever party he was going to as Patrick Bateman since he was already in character. / #13 I wonder which Pop it was. XD

  18. i once had a girl walk in with her i assume grandparents (looked to be early 20's) spot me on the sales floor and began to aggressively flirt with me not like cute flirting but straight up aggression and it wasn't the words she was saying but her mannerism and way she said them. Example; I was helping her find a band tee {can't remember think it was Alice in chain or something of that nature} and she got extremely close to me and said and quote "Are you for sell because I'd like to buy you and take you home"right in my ear, I just chose to ignore her and keep stepping away from her and it just continued the entire interaction. Finally i had a moment to slip away and promptly told my manager and he told me to just hide in the back room while he counited to help her and he'd come get me when she left, i was in there for almost a hour. Super cringy.

    Edit: Also remember apparently she was still looking for me when i was hiding and her grandparents had to drag her out to finally get her to leave. Big yikes. Luckily i worked in a tourist city so i never saw them again.

  19. I know of 4 other employees that have never gotten their last paycheck 🤪 we treat our customers well (we actually really like our customer relationships, there’s nothing better than your fav customer coming in on a busy day) but the company treats us like shit