Hogwarts Legacy – Amazing Secret Outfits You Don’t Want To Miss! (Hogwarts Legacy Tips & Tricks)

Hogwarts Legacy – Amazing Secret Outfits You Don’t Want To Miss! (Hogwarts Legacy Tips & Tricks)

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48 thoughts on “Hogwarts Legacy – Amazing Secret Outfits You Don’t Want To Miss! (Hogwarts Legacy Tips & Tricks)

  1. I have grown very found of the "Herodiana's attire and cape", but I combine them with "the ceramic mask" and "the Elf-made ivory gloves." and the hood needs to be on. I call it "the Ghost of Hogwarts😱."

  2. The Astral Hat looks dope with the Merlin's Cloak too. Though I wish I could wear the outfit you start out with again, it's really disappointing that you can't wear it after you get sorted. It would also be cool if they made the mermaid artifact a wearable necklace, it's really pretty, and the stone necklace is really ugly.

  3. Looking at it in this video, there's a slight visual bug with the protector outfit shirt, if you try wearing cloaks or coats with it a part of the shirt near the chest of the collar clips into the player, doesn't clip into the player if you take off any cloaks or coats, this doesn't have either if you wear a cape. A lil annoying since this is still an bug even after a month, just wanna let people be aware in hopes it gets fixed

  4. There is a side quest at the end of fall where you talk to a vendor in one of the hamlets and he thinks his sister stole a family heirloom. But it’s really a niffler thief. When u complete it, you get a niffler mask. I did a whole Darkwing duck build with it. It looks pretty great.

  5. i didn't even see anything about the live stream on steam 🙁 i feel ripped off lol. then again it was likely streamed when i was either at work or in bed, the joys of living in australia lol. so far my favourite dark look i've made is the legendary outfit, legendary gloves, dark arts cloak with hood up, and asylum mask. sweet ninja wizard get up lol

  6. I've been using the Dark Arts Ensemble outfit from the pre-order bonus and the standard Hogwarts school robes for going on 22 in-game hours now, since I have yet to find anything that looks better. Kind of disappointed in the quality of outfits to be honest.

  7. You should have gotten the Merlin Cloak by COMPLETING THE FUCKING MERLIN TRIALS!!!!! Like I love this game they did so good with it but they fucked this one up! Why make people sit for 2 hours and waste there life on a fucking stream that nobody cares about it would make all the sense in the world to get the MERLIN CLOAK BY COMPLETING THE MERLIN TRIALS! 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ fucking idiots for that one

  8. Sobbing rn- the Debnair socialite outfit looks really bad on the female version it looks like I’m wearing grandmas clothing – it sos nice and pretty on the male version:(

  9. This game almost feels like Sea of Thieves with its progression. You play it for all the different looks you can get for your character. I really hope a new game plus mode gets added as well as a photo mode. If Jedi Fallen order can get a photo mode after launch, I think this game can too.

  10. It took me 41 in game hours, but I got 100% on challenges and like 92% on collectibles.
    Lots of flying.
    Anyone know what is so special about shiny beasts?
    I managed to get a Shiny female graphorn but no idea what to do with her except breed w Lord of Shore until I get a male shiny

  11. They went all out with their gear variety 8/10. I think they should have added at least 1 more armor set and added more variety to the school uniforms, they all almost look the same. It’s way better than most games appearance options tho

  12. Just unlocked the socialite costume and it looks pretty garbage on a female character. Looks nothing like the male costume. Why can’t the clothing be unisex????

  13. I feel like there's not enough animated outfit for a magic universe game…. Also i remember seeing early gameplay trailers and there was this one cloak where the snake or raven on it would fly around the cloak………. I thought that will be part of the deluxe but sadly it wasn't… I can't even find it in the game.

  14. I've been playing the game looking like a 1950s detective with elegant shirt and tie, clockwork fedora, black leather gloves, and silver wooden spectacles. Robe and scarf off