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30 thoughts on “FORTNITE IS FUN AGAIN?!?! Reacting to “HAMSTER CHIEF LOBSTERS THE FORTBITE | Fortnite Zero Build”

  1. Oh! Something funny you might like knowing is the past week RussianBadger and Lythero actually played Marvel v Capcom 3 on stream together so we may get a video of that from either of them at some point soonish.

  2. Firstly happy birthday
    Second people always hate on fortnite for no reason or stupid reasons rather than the actual good onez and let me guess because of thus everyone and there mother are gonna flip the script

  3. 08:36 well Halo Legends is an anime anthology of various stories of the Halo universe with one story being a Spartan with the numbers 113 and having a Dragon Ball Z styled fight with a modified Brute.

  4. The assassination of Digi by live chat firing squad has to be like the single funniest bit in Badger history. Good to see the Badger crusade continue, though I recommend you follow up with the Halo Infinite vid. It pairs nicely with the raw stupidity in this one I find

  5. I recently tried Fortnite myself and it was a far cry from the first time I tried it I didn't have squeakers demanding V-Bucks over voice chat and bricking my PS4 when I said No! instead after playing a couple of games someone was nice enough to gift me some skins & emotes no strings attached things have definitely changed

  6. I actually started playing due to watching IamWildcat and other Vanossgaming's pals play it/screwing around but if i saw Badger before those: i would have picked it up now. It's super fun to play.