FIRST TIME REACTING TO | Weekend Update: Donald Trump Indicted – SNL

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40 thoughts on “FIRST TIME REACTING TO | Weekend Update: Donald Trump Indicted – SNL

  1. You might want to stay clear of politics my lovely young friend. it's ugly and it's dangerous. The Marxist Communists are playing for keeps. Trump is just in their way and I'm not particularly a Trump fan. I really enjoy your music reaction vids. God bless.

  2. Someone really needs to tell the Liberal media in general that an indictment is not a guilty verdict. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in the Justice System, yet they shamelessley try the case and in the court of public opinion. I have nostalgia for real Journalism. As for SNL, they stopped being funny a long time ago. To be funny the script must have an element of truth to it, they stopped doing real sarcasm a long time ago and just became manic giggly propoganda for the Democrat Party. Nothing I love nothing more than a comedian laughing and giggling at his own jokes like the Joker ikn Batman with canned laghter added to increase the volume in the background. I wonder if they hold up signs saying "Laugh".

  3. My mom got to see Frank Sinatra when she was 16 in 1941. Sinatra was a huge star. Think Justin Beiber. He called her on stage. My mom was drop dead gorgeous. Think Lauren Bacall. He sang one of his romantic crooner songs to her, even though she was about six inches taller than him. She melted and started crying. He gave her a hug and a kiss. 70 years later, my mom, dying and suffering from dementia, was reliving that moment the night she passed away. Tears were streaming from her wrinkled eyes, reliving that most special moment. Sometimes, God is good.

  4. Michael is always pulling pranks on Colin for the hell of it because he knows Colin can take it. Colin had the nerve to just walk up to Scarlett Johansson and ask her out on a date when she guest hosted once, and these days they're happily married with kids. Michael jokes that Colin can handle anything, and he puts him through it. Lol. Love their wacky friendship! 🙂

  5. Wow, you have been at the top of my reactions to check out for a while now and I was hoping you would not follow the rest of them down this political rabbit hole but if you are I hope you will at least follow Van from LFR family because he has researched very deep and has a great new grip on the reality of all of this…….thank you.

  6. The other reason for Che trying to stop everyone laughing at Jost is that the running joke is, as the whitest guy possible, Jost is always the butt of Che, and many other guest's, jibes about him being racist, sexist, homophobic and a long etc. The idea behind the joke being that no-one should laugh because it's "true".

  7. The irony with you not knowing who Marjorie Taylor Greene is, is that you'd be a better congressional representative…
    despite not following the news.

  8. New Subbie
    God bless you N Your family
    I Wish you All the best
    Reaction to MousKatool Pt 1 and 2
    Rundown Spaz First Day Out freestyle and RunDown Choppa boy Rule Book
    Enjoy your Sunday Too
    Have a Marvelous Week Ahead
    Stay Bless N Be safe Always

  9. So lucky not to delve into politics. MTG (Marjorie Taylor Greene aka. joker face) is a conspiracy theorist in congress. She harassed Sandy Hook students saying the mass shooting didn't really happen. She said Jewish space lasers started California wild fires. Has a long list of crazy beliefs and keeps getting kicked off any committee she's on.

  10. The one thing to take from this is, if SNL is making fun of you. Then you are doing something right. Btw an AR is not an Assault Rife. It stands for Arma Lite, the company that makes it. But Lefties wouldn't know that. And to be an "Assault Rifle" You need an auto select option. And there is no weapon that can be bought in the US legally with a Auto Select option. Despite the left lies, Assault Rifles (Hold the trigger and it keeps firing) are already illegal in this country.

  11. Britt, you have to see that whole episode of "weekend update." The audience was bursting at all of Michael's jokes and giving a few chuckles at Colin's jokes. Finally, someone from off-camera yelled at Colin that he stivks and the joke was revealed.

  12. Frank Sinatra was from Hoboken, NJ. I googled it to make sure, SNL been doing news since beginning, 1975. 1975. and Christmas card story is real. And jail choir story is real. Every week on since 1975. obviously repeats… but yes, Saturday Night Live is only 48 years old

  13. There are YEARS of this, including all sorts of best of compilations on YouTube. But yeah, the end of season joke swapping is absolutely hilarious because it always ends up with Colin looking ashamed of being alive and Michael rubbing it in the whole time.

  14. "I dont know who that is…" about MTG?
    Okay, just one phrase: Jewish space lasers.
    But yep, definitely havent been following the news… and i say GOOD for you… omg, news is a cesspool the last 4 years.