Fallout 4 But Everytime I Die, I Install Another Mod…

Mods Mods Mods. Fallout 4 has tonnes of them and they range in scale. From meme mods that replace the moon with Todd Howard’s face to full overhauls that change every aspect of the game, we’ll be testing them out in todays continued challenge of playing Fallout 4 with one punishment – a new mod every death…

Part 1:

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44 thoughts on “Fallout 4 But Everytime I Die, I Install Another Mod…

  1. I’m currently on holiday, so a huge shoutout to Benpai for getting this edited and ready. Have a great week guys and thanks for watching, as always this was a proper fun challenge and I hope guys enjoyed.

  2. So I've been playing a new challenge on Fallout 4 I thought it'd be entertaining to see if Jabo would attempt. Using the New Weapon Every Kill mod Jabo already used, then adding the War of the Commonwealth spawns mod. It adds custom enemy loadouts and spawns, often in large groups that wildly outclass your level. I've been seeing how possible it is to complete quests and generally get things done. Not sure if Jabo would bother to be quite honest, but I've been having fun with it.

  3. I'm always impressed by mods. Namely, the immense creativity that goes into them, and the amount of love the fans clearly have for the game, to go through all that trouble.
    And yet somehow when you stack 40 of them on top of each other, it turns the game into hot garbage. How counterintuitive.

  4. I just followed Jabo on twitch and started watching his stream while chatting and I got banned out of nowhere and I have no idea why 💀💀

  5. The mojinor crafting station with the requisition kits helps trying to craft but it glitches out with the ballistic fiber needed all for odst armor, what mod is that from, I don't remember him downloading any mod for that, even after looking at the mod list, there's the red vs blue gunners and mi utemen mod but that only adds halo armor for gunner and minutemen npcs that are unwearable to the player if you kill the noc for it you can't pick it up much less equip it, so what mod is that from?