F4A Supervillain Propositions You [ASMR Girlfriend Roleplay]

“We could be enemies with benefits”

Your Supervillain arch-nemesis confronts you, but not for a fight. This time, she comes with a proposition.

Script by: u/Shynosaur
Sound effects from: Pixabay
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46 thoughts on “F4A Supervillain Propositions You [ASMR Girlfriend Roleplay]

  1. Has she never heard of Tinder? I mean there's nothing more "casual hookups no strings attached" than that!

    Unless of course she has a devious plan to debilitate him with some crazy STD………..

  2. This lady listing off arch enemies forgot to compare her and the listener to Magneto and Professor Xavier, and the Dr. Doom to Reed Richards.

    And of course, she's our Catwoman.

  3. This is a very good story, I loved it, you did a fantastic job on this one, it's really fantastic you can be my villainess anytime dream ,you are beautiful and amazing dream and I am supporting you all the way dream I'd love to be your friends with benefits dream

  4. That would be so surprising as the hero. To suddenly have the villain show up to propisition you to becone intimate.

    She seems super sweet all things considered, so why not. Definitely love the audio, its probably my second favourite after mafia girl. Thanks for the audio Dream

  5. Three years later:
    " And that's how your mom and I decided to be a thing. After we found out we were going to have you kids though, we decided to hang up our capes unless it got real bad. "

  6. [Two years later]
    Caterpillar Man: You're dating Dr. Devious?! Why?! How?!
    Me: It started as a casual thing, but then Calamytor came to Earth, he attacked her, and, well… You remember how that ended.

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  8. A villain who still cares about the environment makes sense. not only can’t you rule the world if everything’s dead but a villain without at least some moral standards would just be generic. Even the joker hates nazis!… and the irs.

  9. Tengo que confesar una cosa, tuve un experimento, fallido de mi otro yo en un universo paralelo y cree a un ser muy poderosa llamada Xena. Unicron me embosco, me encerró, me robo a Xena y la manipulo. Ahora busca vengarse de él por manipularla y de mí por no casarme con ella. Su odio la consumió y ahora quiere destruir nuestra línea de tiempo, junto a sus súbditos. Tenemos que unir fuerzas para derrotarla, después haré todo lo que me pidas y claro podremos tener esa noche de pasión que tanto deseas darling ❤‍🔥.

  10. Could she be any more adorable and you made her even more so. I think i just found my second favouret audio. Recovering yandere i still my first. Wish i could put this into word how much i ejoyed it. Thank you so much Dream

  11. 💚💚💚💚💚 Alright, if we're going to do this there's one thing you should know…I did have a crush on Squirrel Girl however….she was totally nuts.

  12. Her: "Enemies with benefits?"
    Me: "Rivalmance?"
    Both of us: 🤝
    Also, the fact that they acknowledge Wyoming is upside down and then just drop the issue is fantastic.
    Thanks for the audio!

  13. Dreamy in a villainous cat suit, being her heartwarming and irresistible self, and wanting to try out some of those mischievous super weapons in the bedroom? .. I’d toss my cape any day.

  14. She was awesome! what a fun video. And of course I am going to take her up on the offer, every day and hour she is with me she isn't planning mayhem. So I will be the hero and spend as much time as I can with her. Sexy time for peace, I will cuddle her to save the world. Here is a like and comment to help your channel grow and get you the recognition you deserve.