Every Arkham Suit Ranked In 60 Seconds #shorts

I don’t care about cosmetics, so here’s a video I threw together in an hour where I rank the suits you all love so much. Stop asking me to do this.

Music: Trophy Room

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39 thoughts on “Every Arkham Suit Ranked In 60 Seconds #shorts

  1. I love the old TV shows/comic bat costumes it just feels good beating up baddies rocking the Adam west or Keaton look. The Batman beyond costumes are universally cool though

  2. I love the 1st appearance batsuit with the purple gloves in Arkham knight only because if you combine it with big head mode it’s the funniest thing ever in every cutscene

  3. In my personal opinion, the City version of the Dark Knight returns suit is terrible, it look so ugly, his chin! Look at his fucking chin! What is that thing! It's twice the width of his arm! But the Arkham Knight one looks weird too… Seriously, why does his forehead have so many wrinkles?

  4. Man I feel like they chose the weirdest suits to put in these games, literally every time a new one came out I was hoping that it would finally be the one to have a whole roster of awesome suits instead of ones I'll never use but it never happened. Spiderman pulled it off but that was years later so I wonder if the Arkham series continued if they'd match that

  5. I don’t get why people love this beyond suit but hate the knight version, that version looks like the red death made by tony stark, this version looks like a duct taped version of the suit that’s been left in the sun to long