Enter the Spider-Verse!! Ft. Pretty Ladies!! #Shorts

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Watch the full video “Spider-Man: SPIDER-VERSE Real Life Invasion! Epic Flash Mob Prank”

Spider-Men and women of the Spider-Verse met up to invade Fort Lauderdale, Florida! The result? An insane amount of fun! What characters do you want to see in future Spiderman meet-up videos? Let us know in the comments!

Special thank you to Erika Cosplay for organizing this cosplay event and a big shoutout to all the wonderful cosplayers and photographers who attended and made the event a highly memorable time! Follow everyone on Instagram!

Silk- @alchemysticalcat
Spider-Gwen- @erikacosplay
Superior Spider-Man- @aj.rmzilla
Spider-MJ- @__ashleyxann__
Spinneret @laurenmaryperez
Gwenom- @gothicsushi2
Iron Spider- @havokcosplay
Spider Woman- @amynicolecosplay
Homemade Homecoming- @evillywicked
Venom- @nerd_fit_
PS4 Spidey (white hands)- @flyboy_spidey
Red and White Spidey Girl- @valeriaairigoyen
Civil War/Homecoming Spidey- @vanillawombat
Carnage- @melf_studios
Ultimate- @steveo2000ace
Classic- @darkslayer99ix

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