Disney is DESPERATE to Save The Marvels?! Ms. Marvel is on ABC Now!

Disney is so desperate to try and save The Marvels that they’re punting the Ms. Marvel Disney+ show over to ABC. This, coupled with Ms. Marvel joining the X-Men in the comics, just reeks of a Hail Mary Pass to try and make this character stick before her box office debut. Uh oh…

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32 thoughts on “Disney is DESPERATE to Save The Marvels?! Ms. Marvel is on ABC Now!

  1. Ms Marvel is the exact self insert of Sana Amanat, the intersectional feminist that green lighted all the woke garbage in Marvel comics that destroyed the comic company that was then force fed to the public on Disney+ in the MCU.

  2. Kneon, you are so far off base as to Marvel/Disney's motivation here. It's not about building some sort of thematic ip, it's about getting money from little girls and women. Wonder Woman generates hundreds of millions of dollars for DC every year just for licensing fees – we've all seen it, everything from ladies underwear, to handbags, coffee mugs, t-shirts and cosmetics – and it generates it all from women, or women oriented products. To put it simply, Marvel just wants a cut of that action, which is why they push Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel despite them being horribly selling comic books by pretty much all measures.

  3. I don’t understand how Ms. Marvel has had her skull forced into the dumpster again and again and again and Disney be like “I ain’t hear nothin!” When she’s been the reason everything she’s been in bombs. It’s not like Loki who we both love and love to hate…we just flat out actively talk about how Kamala sucks Story wise

  4. Good luck with that. The movie could rule, it could be amazing, the best thing ever, and it wouldn’t make a difference. The toxic portion of the fandom will never like it. They are going to have to lower budgets and get used to only selling to half of movie goers at best. We are divided in everything including film.

  5. She was nothing more than an item on a inclusitivity checklist. What pisses me off even more is that there are other more worthy characters they could have built a show around, really hate annoying whiny teenagers

  6. I don't think Marvel and Disney seem to understand how much most people don't like Islam. This character has and never will be popular for that reason alone.

    Also funny side note Islam is very against the concept of reincarnation so in being brought back to life Ms. Marvel is now haram.

  7. Let it flop, let it flop…😂I hate those self insert characters. And you know how to make unpopular character popular? Make her a fan girl of less popular character in your universe! 😂

  8. This movie is going to fail, not trying to be negative, but its completely obvious.The film wasn't great. And the Ms. Marvel show was the same. You don't have to have to be a psychic to see the outcome. I'm still going to watch it due to the fact I have a movie pass, but if I didn't, I was wait until Disney plus (maybe I still should) 😂

  9. On that show all the characters except the protagonist were more interesting it would have done better without the superheroe part about a family in Pakistan and the boy sidekicks would be better as protagonists.