Disney INFERNO! The Real BBC with HeelvsBabyface and MauLer

Welcome to Bagging, Boarding, and Chatting. The Comic Book Show with Gary from @nerdrotic, Az from @HeelvsBabyface @hawttoys and The Long Man from @MauLerYT @EveryFrameAPause

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39 thoughts on “Disney INFERNO! The Real BBC with HeelvsBabyface and MauLer

  1. Eric July may have pulled in 1.8 million, but does he have respect from his cat food eating colleagues in the industry? No, therefore, he loses.

  2. Thank you Gary! I am a devoted listener and sharer of your content. My Beloved Spouse and I went to see Sound of Freedom on Saturday. Excellent movie!

  3. Willy Wonka is absolutely one of the greatest movies ever made, and it is my contention that the 2005 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the ‘Patient Zero’ for this bad remake disease we’ve been afflicted with ever since its release and success. Because it was the very same mad doctor Tim Burton who mutilated another corpse—the first from the Disney crypt—Alice in Wonderland (2010), whence all our woes began.

    You’re telling me Willy Wonka the world’s greatest chocolatier only makes chocolate because his father was a dentist and didn’t let him eat sweets? His eccentricity and literal character is caused by childhood trauma? Did you hear that, folks? Willy Wonka’s weirdness is due to abuse; his passion is sourced in pain!!

    What kind of sick heart dreams up this humiliating deconstruction of a simply good-willed hero, a cultural ideal? Notice this marches to the same beat as Velma, She-Hulk, Indiana Jones: heroes are narcissists, any man doing good in the world must have ulterior motives, and it’s our job to expose them for the weak, pathetic freaks they are.

    Clearly someone did not learn anything from Willy Wonka (1971): “But Charlie, don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he ever wanted…” What happened? “He lived happily ever after.”

  4. I have to disagree this time bout Microsoft since they were getting screwed over by Sony/Playstation since Sony was forcing a bunch of studios to make exclusive games and not release on Xbox and such.

    Yongyea goes more in depth if you want to understand more, btw Microsoft is 3rd place compared to other consoles

  5. AZ! My top 3 anime's of all time are Cowboy Bebop, YuYu Hakusho and Akira

    MauLer: Child's was DEFINITELY a Thing. Every time we seem him outside he's covered from head to toe accept for the last encounter with Macready where he shows up with his skull cap gone (just my opinion on why I believe he is)

  6. Az is talking out of his bum with the Microsoft case. They didn’t lose then get paid off. There was a temporary injunction keeping them from doing the deal until the case was resolved. And the FTC lost because they’re a bunch of hacks

  7. Sometimes I think they just shit on every show like I mean rightly so but damn always so much negative can be something positive once in a while atleast have some hope

  8. Funny how California, Disney, and Hollywood are mentioned as one of the Key Locations for Child Sex Slavery Trafficking Operations in the Movie The Sound of Freedom. Makes sense that Hollywood hired Antifa to burn down Businesses to hide the Evidence. Also why the Media is attacking the film.

  9. You need a sound's man to make the voice of Az to sound as strongly as sounds the voice of Gary, and slightly less so as sounds the voice of Longman.
    Listen to Prem Rawat!

  10. When it comes to superman and Batman, we need a switch around .. Less Batman films and more superman, then more Batman Tv and less superman TV…. I’m superman fan, but surely Batman would be perfect for a crime series… oh we did get Gotham

  11. 1:49:00
    It's a step beyond them thinking they aren't reaching anyone on the 'right'. This actually shows they are in such a bubble that simply caring about an issue not actively being addressed by the Cathedral makes that person "right wing". So, while all of Hollywood and the wider media are obsessing over gender issues, simply pointing out that another problem exists (in this case, child trafficking) makes you a heretic/"right wing".

  12. 1:25:00…..I m 3 years behind Gary and I’ve loved anime ever since Speed Racer was first on…I agree with him, I don’t like all anime, especially the new stuff… I’m into the Classics more….you should check out the OAVs of Crusher Joe….the first one (the oldest) is by far the best

  13. I'm waiting for an Oliver Twist remake with absolutely no hhhwhite people! Do it Hollywood,Do it you cowards,do it for "modern audiences"…with a touch of "the message".;)Hail the Real BBC! Please sir,can I have some more?lol

  14. There is a guy who did an edit of the Hobbit Trilogy where he took out everything not in the books and turned it into a 3 hr movie. His name is Cardinal West on YouTube.

  15. The Prestige IS an excellent movie, but I don't get why everyone says its so deep and you need to watch it a 2nd time to pick up on all the stuff you missed. The foreshadowing in the bird magic trick scene is so heavy handed that they basically tell you the twist right there. Still an impeccable movie, it's just more accessible than Mauler gives it credit for.

  16. 38:24 – I'm so tired of girl boss trope. If I didn't see so called "strong female character" for next decade or so I would be happy.
    I never truly liked this whole "girl power" trope in pop culture but at least in the 90's it was handled better than now.
    58:23 – that's why I was always skeptical about whole concept of shared universe. Back in the 90's Star Trek had sort of shared universe but you can watch any of the shows without knowing anything about Trek universe or about any of the previous series – occasionally there was cameos, little crossovers and general acknowledgment of previous events from different series, but that's it. And even them problems arise; what was Enterprise-E were doing during Dominion War ? Marvels approach to shared universe is much worse – when everything is interconnected but not really, when retcons are common and you have to watch "billions" of shows just to understand what's happening in the latest movie!