Deku Meets Mt. Lady to #SaveTheTrees with Bakugo

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During the winter before the Endeavor Training arc, Deku and Bakugo team up on a mission with Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods, to visit a small village on the outskirts of Japan that heroes almost never go to for a special mission. On this mission they meet everyone in town who excited rush to see the fancy heroes for themselves, and after meeting the Village Preistess Kodama, whose quirk allows her to heal plants, they learn that the village worships a secret tree which is sort of like THEIR Symbol of peace, but a series of landslides lately has been putting them and the tree in danger. The group plants trees together to try and make the countryside firm via a tangled network of tree roots, but the night that they arrive a massive landslide hits the village, with Kamui woods using his quirk to save the villagers as they cross a rickety bridge, as Deku and Mt. Lady work together to save the priestess and her tree, and Bakugo… catches a chicken that escaped the village.

Video Title: Deku Meets Mt. Lady to #SaveTheTrees with Bakugo and Kamui

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  1. Okay so I’m not crazy, at the beginning of mha I kept thinking β€œya your quirk can do damage, but it’s not going to be good in rescue situations or hostage or diplomacy missions” and I was told I’m crazy, in my opinion Momo has the most potential.