Deku Meets Mirko and She Hates Him

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My Hero Academia is a big series with a lot of characters, so naturally Horikoshi decided that the story should extend beyond the bounds of his original manga, so thanks to him there’s an official MHA spinoff manga called My Hero Academia Team Up Missions, where we see all sorts of characters teaming up, like Deku, Bakugo, Ochako and Mirko, who go on a mission to defeat a villain that has taken over an entire section of a town, as Deku joins Mirko’s Hero Agency and became her temporary sidekick for this extended training mission!

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35 thoughts on “Deku Meets Mirko and She Hates Him

  1. Deku is both a lone wolf and a team player. He just wanted to try to be a team this time.
    But imagine how different this would had gone if this were Vigilante Deku and not normal Deku.

  2. A lot of people I can understand why they don’t like Deku, he’s too nice even to the villains that’s why I like season 6 version of Deku when he was the lone wolf all by himself