CS Livestream: Millennial Mindset and The Death of Elders (also Indiana Jones Dial of Destiny)

Today I’m using the springboard of the new Indiana Jones Dial of Destiny movie, which I haven’t seen but know the general premise of, to discuss a trend I call “Death of the Elder.”

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9 thoughts on “CS Livestream: Millennial Mindset and The Death of Elders (also Indiana Jones Dial of Destiny)

  1. What are your thoughts about Red Pill/Manosphere discourse and Gen X? From Jordan Peterson to Oshay to Andrew T. It seems in part a reaction to the excesses of cancel culture and a continuation of 90s gender wars. But definitely anti-millennial. The embrace of evolutionary psychology seems kind of original, as a counter to millennial social constructionism/theory. I mean on the surface it may seem like irreverent shock comedy. I'm not saying this in defense of the manosphere (though I guess it no longer exists the same way it did before). I wonder if this sort of thing appeals primarily to Gen Xers (and some millennials) who don't see themselves in the culture right now.

  2. There is no new broad appeal good stuff. Everything is so fanboy niche and insular. I think 60s-early 2000s movies and shows are as close to unifying culture as we may ever get. Thou It's uncomfortable to be constantly looking backwards for cultural meaning.

  3. I really miss your solo posts. Can you please do another solo podcast? Used to love your critical deep dives and relevant interviews. You, Irami and Brianna were the MVPs. Your current panel show w/ "co hosts" is basically the breakfast club.

  4. T., I know you're done with Twitter, but I do think it would benefit supporters if you 1) just had a professional account where you post only livestream and new episode notifications, or 2) create an email newsletter for the same purpose. I clicked on the bell to get the YT notifications, but I imagine a lot of the podcast listeners haven't done so–or may not even be subscribed at all.

  5. RE Lost, it took me until the second episode of the penultimate season to realize that there was never going to be any satisfying resolution to the story. I remember waiting for the reaction to finale and feeling a ton of validation while reading all of the angry rants from fans. Also, not surprised about the allegations against Lindelof and Cuse. The wealthy lib virtue-signalers tend to be some of the worst people out there. Just like Whedon.