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An innocent bystander who were murdered in an act of senseless violence. This was a senseless and cruel act killing three innocent people, two who dedicated their lives to protecting all of us in our community and one who was innocently going about her daily life. Dig one up – big headed baddie named “Egg Head” who has a rule that people never look at his head. Joaquin’s Joker looks like he stepped off that infamous Mr. Bungle album cover from 1991. Many fans claim this was just a camera test, and this isn’t what he’ll look like in the finished movie. And it still left fans feeling perplexed. TMZ has captured some video of Joaquin Phoenix in action as Joker, and it’s still the same make-up design that was introduced in that camera test. Since then, we’ve seen Joaquin in his Joker make-up. It’s not entirely clear if the clown in this image is Joaquin Phoenix or not, but from big red nose to the poufy hair to the Ronald McDonald shoes, this is definitely the kind of full-on creepy clown that makes children cry.

Now director Todd Phillips has released another clown photo from the set that goes full circus clown and keeps that creepy vibe. However, when the critically-acclaimed The Dark Knight came out in 2008, we now see Joker in a different light: a schizophrenic clown without empathy. It brings to mind Stephen Metcalf’s incisive 2012 essay in Slate after a disturbed man opened fire in a theater showing The Dark Knight Rises. Scarecrow: Fear drives everything, Stephen. Clearly this movie is emphasizing the creepy clown vibe, joker nurse costume and trying to tap into the fear of clowns that makes IT’s Pennywise so potent. The Clown Prince appears to be applying his own makeup these days. Maybe having failed in standup comedy, he hits a low point and starts entertaining as a clown at children’s birthday parties to make ends meet. The only way The Joker can predominate an evil stable is if he carries with him an unparalleled presage that truly can define a character, make them virtually unstoppable. Big Face-Off Versus Current King of Evil Can.

His origin should include early suffering at the hands of the current king heavy and impossible force. Joker needs to earn the name and he must persevere and overcome impossible odds. It had the name “Joker” painted on the Bat-symbol, as well as “HA HA HA” over much of the armor. As you can imagine with a villain of such legendary stature there are no shortage of great costumes available, reflecting the many different incarnations he’s had over the decades, and by carefully sorting through we’ve brought you some of the best Joker costumes around. Sadly, the sizzle and seductive lure of this film stopped there because The Joker has nobody to fight against and if unchallenged, untested then there really is nothing to get optimistic about. It’s much more economical to get the bundle, and then you can switch it up like I will be doing at New York Comic-Con. Another low-key Joker here, and it’s looking the way to go, ain’t it? Douchey looking Joker from Suicide Squad.

I cannot say I am looking forward to it. Now, you’ve seen why we take our Joker costumes so serious come Halloween. Why so serious? Nothing is that serious at MorphCostumes but we do take Joker costumes very seriously. Coming in at only $16.99, you can add these to your Halloween costume with-out having to rob Gotham Financial Bank. The centerpiece of costume can be as simple as a shirt, joker costume and you’re just a Google search away from discovering a slew of ideas on how to transform it for Halloween. 12.99. Spirit Halloween Harley Quinn. Product Value: This simply is how much bang for the buck you get from your Joker And Harley Quinn Costume. So get cracking! Halloween is right around the corner. Time to get wild and crazy just like everyone’s favorite good girl gone bad, Harley Quinn. Today, we get a few more surprises, a few of which are a little yawn inducing. Harley Quinn doesn’t go anywhere without turning a few heads. Occasionally, she shows signs that she knows her obsession with the Joker is unhealthy, but only a few incarnations have been able to fully break away from him.

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