Calendar Girl – Scenes | The New Batman Adventures

All Scenes of Calendar Girl aka Page Monroe

TV Show: The New Batman Adventures (S1 E9)

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This channel does not fucking claim right over clips used in video.

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49 thoughts on “Calendar Girl – Scenes | The New Batman Adventures

  1. I'm glad that they didn't went with the two face route, it shows that it doesn't take acid burns or claw scars, sometimes it just takes miniscule and undistinguishable changes for someone to hate themselves.

  2. that cop was written to be the biggest prick on earth in the show, this aint even really bad but if you watched it he was like the living embodiment of always picking the negative character dialogue in a game

  3. She's a mix of Calendar Man and The Manikin (a one-shot Batman villain from the comics) but mostly from Manikin herself
    She's fascinating and I wish she could appear more and make new motivations for her to keep her fresh!
    That ending still gets me everytime I watch… That scream…
    Reasons I love TAS and TNBA writing so much

  4. Honestly, I found Calendar Girl so much more interesting and complex than Calendar Man, and she makes the gimmick of hollidays work a lot better than he did.

  5. People say Batman is OP yet he struggles handling one human villain? Any of the JL members would have made short work of her like she's nothing. All that BS talk that Batman is OP is just imaginary stuff made by some random comic writer not belonging to original WB

  6. This whole time i was expecting a scarred or mangled face due to something that happend to her once beautiful face;(hence her possible origin vilain's story)
    yet in the end there was nothing wrong with her from the outside… 🥲 but only from the inside 😔

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  8. Honestly body dysmorphia is fucking insane. You can be extremely attractive, have everyone tell you you are attractive, and even have moments of being able to "see it" but 99% of the time you just look at yourself in the mirror or a photo or even feel your body move a certain way and it fills you would dread. Calendar Girl valid af