Brendan Schaub is taking TIME OFF! | 10 Minutes of Schaub #57


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27 thoughts on “Brendan Schaub is taking TIME OFF! | 10 Minutes of Schaub #57

  1. Lol, Kratom is absolutely safe. It’s literally a natural plant. It helps with pain, inflammation, small aches and pains, and certain strains give you energy. Not one person has OD’d on Kratom alone. It’s in the same family as coffee.

    It’s been a life saver for millions getting off opiates. I suggest doing research on it before commenting on it on your growing platform. The FDA wants to ban Kratom not because it’s unsafe or ineffective, but because it cuts into their opioid profits. So when you say “it’s definitely not good for you” it’s pretty ignorant.

    And “Happy Hippo” is just the name of the vendor that sponsored Schaub. I’ve used them, and they have good quality Kratom. 😊

  2. Callen deserves it, but wont get there. Bapa on the other hand, he'll figure it out and be there one day.
    The delusion…

  3. The Puma Rick and Morty 2.0’s B!! I have two pears, the last ones sell for like 4x’s the price now!! I love bright colors, so I may keep one pear, those shoes are actually 4 different colors, each one has two different colors.

  4. Great intro! Also, would you guys go philanthropic and consider organizing a "Trugg Walgathon"? People could get sponsorships from their communities, maybe a certain dollar amount per mile then some bonus for actually getting their dig sugged in their truggs at the finish line? All proceeds go to ASPCA for actual homeless cats. 🤷‍♂😐

  5. You can't be Bapa with a balanced social life, since it would involve correcting each other in a harsh, loving, and if needed harsh way. In that sense, at times it's hard to watch him flopping and slurring around.

  6. Boner Alert 🚨 ,
    Does ester go both ways is the funniest shit ever b , I love when it’s in the songs and it’s actually the chorus this week 😂😂😂😂 so Netfligggs

  7. Brendan, far too late, trying to get out in front of any criticism for his sabotage of Bryan, discouraging him from releasing his (Bryan's) special on Showtime… instead, telling him to release it on some pokey platform where noone saw it. Then, Brendan releases his special on Showtime… now he's trying to say it bothers him that Bryan hasn't blown up… oh really dude…?

  8. You gotta grow your hair back asap man, u look a bit on the redacted side, You also look older and heavier without the long hair, no offense I'm not trying to be mean, I think you're super funny and musically gifted I just can't get passed that shaved head, let that shit grow wild like it was, it was unique