BLEACH TYBW EPISODE 15 RANT + REVIEW: Ichigo’s Soul King Training & Bleach Fans Need To Be Better…

In today’s video, I talk about BLEACH TYBW episode 15 along with a rare rant. I don’t do these very often but I feel like something must be said- and so I shall.
00:00- Introduction
00:38- Episode Review
23:44- Rant

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33 thoughts on “BLEACH TYBW EPISODE 15 RANT + REVIEW: Ichigo’s Soul King Training & Bleach Fans Need To Be Better…

  1. nah bro you were spitting facts . Its so annoying how ungrateful (bleach) fans can be . Theyre starting to remind me of attack on titan fans with the harrassment and sometimes over the top expectations . Its like they dont realize this could have easily not happpened at all or even worse it could have looked like seven deadly sins season 3 😢

  2. Anyone remember that throw away shinigami with the light based zanpaktou that kenpachi killed. 😂😂 Damn bro could've really help with mayuri's plan tho

  3. Usually I don't do comments but I feel it needs to be said. Let's think about cause and effect in regards of the Bleach fanbase. We grew up with Bleach. We experienced such a great pleasure watching the anime and reading the manga. Meanwhile Bleach stopped and we had to wait for 10+ years to get a continuation. The majority of the fanbase is now in their 30s or 40s. We, unfortunately, don't understand and enjoy Bleach as before anymore. The level of dopamine is not the same. Meanwhile however, because of the long wait, we are having so many expectations ( as you said) and some of them are reacting in a bad, reluctant way. It's sad and I can understand Kubo's pressure on his shoulders. All we can do is indeed to enjoy this masterpiece Kubo is giving us. Be grateful of whatever he is doing. I would enjoy Bleach with or without this spectacular new art.
    In regards of fanbase's loyalty, bare in mind most of Boruto haters are Naruto's fanbase. And that's mainly because the age gab between the two generations. I believe Kubo stopped the manga just because of Boruto. If he was to continue with the Hell's arc, he might end up in the same situation as Masashi.
    In the end, I think Kubo and his entire team understands they can't please everyone. And I'm sure they know how happy and grateful the true fanbase is.

  4. Should have kept the dialogues to a minimum and gone absolutely bonkers with the fight scene between Toshiro vs Bazz B and Sof Fon vs BG9. Hate it when fight scenes are cut in the middle. That peak attention drops down frequently. Anyway, Character designs and lightings, overall are top notch.

  5. You know why Bleach don't have White Knights? Its because ppl that watch it are adults. And a lot of could care less what others think of it. We like it we leave it at that. I'm not going to be a keyboard warrior because someone said Blease is bad. Fuck him let him hate it. It didn't hurt my experience of the show.

  6. Ichibei is either testing to see if Ichigo can become the next Soul King (as mentioned in CFYOW), or seeing if he can be a VESSEL of the SK’s power since he’s referring to winning against Yhwach. Probably both. He needs Ichigo’s power to be brought to the point of being worthy to become SK in order to defeat Yhwach and become the next SK if it comes to it

  7. We don't have to demonize bleach fans having things they dislike about the show. People don't exist in absolutes man, you can say 1 thing you disliked and that doesn't mean everything about the show is shit in your eyes.

    The internet has a way of marrying people to their opinions and other opinions that they also dislike. In the process you demonize everybody because now its us versus them when really we just need an open discussion to see what people really think.

    Because you could easily be one of these "negative" bleach fans when something you're disappointed about comes up. But when you do it, it's going to be totally different right? Most people are probably saying it not because they hate the show but because they feel something about the thing they love is a little off in one way or another.

    People have many different reasons for why they fell in love with the franchise so let's not vilify people for being disappointed something they liked isn't translated to the new show. That's all im saying.

  8. Why would you want people to shit on people for giving their opinions for disliking an aspect of the show? This isn't some arbitration war to define an us versus them.

    You're too married to the "concept" of being a Bleach fan, than actually just enjoying the show if you have to become a knight for the show and cut random people who say small things like. "huh, the presentation of that wasn't exactly what I was expected"

  9. I thought that I was the only one who thought that this episode was a big downgrade from the rest of the episodes thus far, I could count the number of still frames and very less of it was moving totally took me out of the experience. As I've read the manga, I can kinda reason out why they might not have put as much thought as the upcoming ones but still, my expectations are just too high.

  10. seems like some people can enjoy chainsaw man and jjk (how ironic, the author of it is a fan of bleach) which is completely understandable but when it comes to bleach, they feel like they must nitpick everything so that they can still not appreciate it.

  11. That Sternritter meeting really gives me Espada meeting vibes the long table with the stronger members at the head of the table. I’m sure that was not by chance.

  12. Pretty sure 99% of the bleach fan like the anime I don't get why you said the bleach fan hate the anime its just the loud minority I watch a ton of reactor and fan of bleach and they all love it including me

  13. Read / watched the shonen big three since years. Never understood the One Piece overrate and the Bleach hate. Always thought One Piece elitist clowns acting to this day like the show doesn't have any major flaws are beyond ridiculous, just like western shonen big three communities who have always been fighting about which of the shonen big three is the best while I was chilling, enjoying all of them, never thinking for even one second that one was better than the other from a global standpoint (I asked myself the question and I came up with no answer).

    And now we have people like Black Clover, Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen fans trying to diss Bleach, when literally none of them would have existed without it in the first place (as they were all majorly inspired by it). The Black Clover anime (… and manga, honestly) is decent at best, Demon Slayer is good (not great) but it would have never met the success it had without Ufotable (just compare the over the top anime to the manga and see how disappointed you'll be, unless you're a fanboy who has no taste for art or some dumb kid who would rather cope in denial instead of facing disappointment. Just check the enormous rise of manga sales ever since the anime happened), and you could say similar things about Jujutsu Kaisen (good but not great, also caried – although less than Demon Slayer – by its anime), which by the way has the worst art of them all. Didn't even get better as time went on ; on the contrary, it's one of the few mangas I read which was drawn better in the first arcs. In my opinion, none of these works besides maybe (just maybe) Jujutsu Kaisen is a good enough successor to any of the shonen big three.

    There's this tribal retarded mindset going on, a " I'll protect my favorite show by acting like it's the best thing in the world and mock anyone who disagree with me " type of thing coming from fragile minds and egos. It's like nobody wants to enjoy everything worth being appreciated, and it's like everybody wants to shout " I'm better than you ! " in a roundabout way. Reeks of inferiority complex and shame hiding. Well guess what bish, you can say whatever you want about One Piece : I don't care. It still looks ugly as hell (even though it deserves respect considering the author and his assistants draw 15 / 20 manga pages per week if we don't consider breaks) and the pacing is trashy to this day. Way too many (useless) characters. While I recognize Naruto and One Piece qualities and Bleach flaws, I don't ignore its qualities in relation to them like you fake, easily influenced Bleach " fans ", and this is part of why I still prefer it over the other two (and there's nothing wrong with that, just like there's nothing wrong with favoring Naruto or One Piece). You folks are being negative for no reasons like the toddlers who like to crap on themselves you are despite the fact that Bleach got the comeback y'all cried for after like 10 years of waiting. If that's not pathetic, I don't know what is.

    This is for stuffs like this that I don't associate myself much with anime / manga communities. Most of you people in there seem stupid to me, to be completely honest. All of this is part of why even though nowadays it became more mainstream, there are still quite a lot of folks who cringe whenever they hear " anime " and " mangas ".
    It's because of you guys.

  14. Appreciated the little rant at the end. Much needed message to get out there. I was genuinely shocked myself from the all the negativity I’ve seen and it’s not just on Twitter either.

  15. I was thinking the same thing about Kido. I mean, maybe not everybody can do it or on the same level, but at least try earlier on. This is one of favorite episodes. Again, the build up, the tension etc… is so great. Plus, it looks fantastic. I can't wait to see what happens next. I am anxiously awaiting Rukia's Banki. That should be amazing.
    I will say that when it ended at 366, I was disappointed because I wanted more. I literally checked almost once a week buy searching the web to see if it was coming back. I did it for all
    the time it was gone. Then, when I heard it was coming back I was so excited. And now, that we may get one arc, I almost completely lost it. I just wanted more of it, that's all. I don't know how many total episodes we will get, but when I look at something like One Piece (yes, I know it started earlier) and they are over 1,000 episodes, with very little filler, that's what I want for us, Bleach fans. Get me over 400 episodes, or close to 500 canon episodes and I will be even happier than I am now.

  16. You know, I used to complain about the earlier cour 1 episodes that didn't show more of the fights and the fluid animation that other recent series have, and let's be honest, we all would like to have our fav anime with the level of animation that demon slayer or chainsaw man have, and I thought at the time " why can't Bleach be like that too?!!, Until I realized and remembered, "you know what?, I enjoyed anime with still frames and slow moving scenes before, in fact, the vast majority of series were like that in earlier 2000s and still are in these modern times, very few series tend to have sakuga and fluid animation in all their episodes, chainsaw man is an example.

    Seriously, these seemingly limitless budget series have damaged our perception of what a quality series is or should be, even more so when Bleach has soich more to offer than flashy fights, in fact, Bleach fights were never super flashy, Kubo made most of his fights with a certain weight and meaning behind them and thier characters; consistent character design, storyboarding, the Ost, and the amazing voice acting, without mentioning Kubo expanding the lore so much, are the strong points of this series, sakuga is just a bonus honestly, as long as Taguchi and staff keep the mystique of the series, as they've been doing until now, than I'm happy with the results

  17. I think the reason bleach fans can be more objective is because unlike most Shonen, we must dissect Kubology and that requires an intellectual presence that most Shonen don't.