Blade Runner Tried To Warn You

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This video explores the message of Blade Runner 2049 on modernity and post modernism through Ryan Gosling (K’s) struggle in the film called Blade Runner 2049.

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39 thoughts on “Blade Runner Tried To Warn You

  1. I think you may have an error there. The prostitute puts a tracking device on him for the other Nexus to track him, not Wallace. Luv learns he is Las Vegas from Madams computer. The way he gets saved is by the tracking device she put on him.

  2. You break down this movie, clearly spent a lot of time on it, but you somehow think that Marienette is working for Wallace? lmao

    Not to mention, seem a bit too definitive on Joi (and some other aspects). yes, it very well could all be fake. And part ofher inclusion in the story I would agree is a metaphor for pornography. But she is also furthering the discussion of "what is human?" The first and second movie have this debate with replicants, but the 2nd movie takes it further with an AI hologram.

  3. he thought that he was special he wasn't but he became a hero and a starting point for someone else's journey he gave his life a meaning by the end of it

  4. I dont think that is what Joi represents to me. I think what Joi represents is emotional authenticity, and that makes it dangerous. K has artificial memory and personality, that means Joi is only 1 artificial body away from K.

    K feels love from Joi, lost her, and decide to help a man to meet his daughter again, only to die, that is human.
    Roi feels the rain for one last time before he dies, and his capability able to lament the loss, that is human.
    The real lesson from blade runners should had always been focusing on our own emotional state, and from there, we realize authenticity.

  5. speaking of JOI being a personification of instant gratification

    her name is literally taken from the abbreviation for "jerk off instructions" (a genre in adult entertainment)

  6. I swear this guy is a red pill dude and a Tate lover. The amount of criticism against the “west” and anything western is just so silly. His arguments are so far fetched and feels never that you get an proper explanation why. It’s all about fear mongering. I don’t like politics left or right but i feel this guy has a political agenda behind all of vids. Feels very right ish more at the extreme.

    Whatever it is I’m speaking of most of his content not just this. As all sound the same. Masculinity anti technology women should be like this and men like that. East is better and other type of stuff.

    My biggest issue he’s extremely biased and a fear mongerer.

    While blade runner depicts a worse future and many things are true. It’s still just a movie and it’s sci fi.

  7. Frack and I thought Blade Runner was blade runner and not something that actually had a message that wasn’t some Disney nonsense. Film looks great in Blu Ray Disc 4K UHD in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Looking forward to the game Blade Runner 2033.

  8. Real, social media and porn makes people think about women and sometimes convinces their minds that they're interacting with them. But real interaction matters a lot more, since their minds are convinced that they can interact or have interacted with women, they avoid real life interactions. (Literally me)

  9. This video misrepresents parts of this film.. K's outburst is him thinking the memories were his, yet 'Moon' seems to think it was him realizing those weren't his memories, but K doesnt realise that til later in the film. Im not sure if this guy actually watched this film.

  10. You don't love me you never cared for me if you did you would reach out and help but you don't and you're wrong for that and you always will be and you're always were. Period the things that you taught me I consider truth until I realize now that you are a good liar set people in a trap against their will. You go against the word I believe in and I don't agree with that and I don't have to be there and I'm an individual. Unless of course I don't have free will. If I don't have free will then you can kiss my ass . You won't even explain that's how sad you are

  11. Oh wow, he's literally me. I don't remember giving consent to being a part of this video essay.

    As a side note, K can see and hear Joi (joy) but cannot touch or have joy. One of the things the replicant rebels said was dying on their own terms was the thing that makes them human, and that's actually what both K and Joi did