Biggest Censorship in EVERY Smash Series!

Smash Ultimate has a lot of censorship, but has EVERY series in the game been censored? In this video I uncover the biggest censorships in each series in the game in an attempt to answer…which series has been censored the most?

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31 thoughts on “Biggest Censorship in EVERY Smash Series!

  1. Keeping with the Sora keyblade issue with Kirby, Kirby also absorbed the devil gene with Kazuya. He also gained the Triforce power with Zelda and Ganondorf.

  2. Guy: Steve actually has a master hand
    Guy 2: Wait steve is master hand?!
    Guy : Nonono steve HAS a master hand
    Guy 2: What? Steve ha- OH GREAT HEAVENS

  3. Smash bros ultimate: *is a game where you're favorite childhood gaming characters beat each other up* Also smash when somebody says damn right!: Smash: D: 😱 OH NOOOOOO SWEAR BAD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  4. Fact of the day. Zelda was ONLY censored in smash 4, and the black void under her dress was removed for ultimate. Do whatever you want with that knowledge.

  5. 35:42 if you look behind sakurai, you'll notice a long, stripy, beige and tan cushion. This 10000% percent confirms with complete evidence that the pokemon furret will be in the next smash game.

  6. small correction: there is ONE shiny pokémon costume, being incineroar's 8th costume. you could also make the argument that mewtwo has one too, but it's likely not intentional

  7. Honestly Siiroth needed to do better research in this video because he was just leaving out too much important information that would give better context for each "censorship" he talked about. Siiroth should also fact checked more of the information he found and consider more of the year each game was released in. And Siiroth could’ve at least learned more about how different the rating system was (especially for the E for everyone rating) before the E10+ rating existed.