Batman turns a Promiscuous Girl he met on Streets into Bat Woman

“Where are you taking me ? It’s not too late to redeem Yourself”

Video mainly focuses the Origin story of BatWoman and how Bat Family operated in the absence of Batman. In the Video I explain how Katherine Kane, a girl who lost her sister and mother finally comes through to become Batwoman.

Video also analyses How Bat Family work together to stop Crime during Batman’s disappearance and finally how they freed Batman from League of Assassins.

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26 thoughts on “Batman turns a Promiscuous Girl he met on Streets into Bat Woman

  1. I was really hoping it was Jason Todd behind the mask of Heretic. Didn't like how he went down. Thought the writers betrayed the mystery and character-building of Heretic overall. But yes this truly was one of the best batman animation I've seen in awhile. I mean… they have Nunjas. LOL

  2. This is the ultimate woman power fantasy. That she can be a hoe for decades then turn around to be something of value and contribution. Reality is this almost never happens.

  3. Bruce is readily called a playboy when he really is the promiscuous one. You don’t really see people pointing out the fact that he is promiscuous, using playboy is seen as a better alternative to acknowledging it and how many people would ever title their videos that way when describing him? But a woman? Oh in a heartbeat especially if she’s dressed sexy. Smh

  4. Hera (pronounced like the wife of Zeus) and Tick (like The Tick, the nigh invulnerable big blue super hero). That gets you a LOT closer to the correct pronunciation.



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