Batman (1989) Retrospective w/ Detective Wolfman

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6 thoughts on “Batman (1989) Retrospective w/ Detective Wolfman

  1. Did you hear the story Keaton told about working out for the movie?

    He decided to get in better shape and started working out at the studio. One day Nicholson was walking by, he stopped looked at Keaton and said "What are you doing?". Keaton said "Working out". Nicholson replied "Why?" And Keaton said "I don't know". Nicholson just looked and walked off then Keaton stopped 🤣

  2. Watching this right now. About 7 min in. The summer of Batman ‘89 was something else. We’d never seen this before. Literally everyone had a bat logo tee shirt. The soundtrack. Went like a half dozen times in the theater. It fed into everyone rediscovering the books. It was a smaller Star Wars 77 moment (which even modern blockbusters don’t even get near)