Barbie – Movie Review

Chris Stuckmann reviews Barbie, starring Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Will Ferrell, Kate McKinnon, America Ferrera, Ariana Greenblatt, Emma Mackey, Alexandra Shipp, Simu Liu, Issa Rae. Directed by Greta Gerwig.

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34 thoughts on “Barbie – Movie Review

  1. Barbie is the swap of the real world,
    Women make everything and they wouldn't give up what they build for men.

    This is how men feel in reality and in divorce.

  2. Barbie 😂
    Is a movie that you want to ruin your daughters future.

    Soon theyll be old, sad and lonely and then complain where are good men?
    What about be strong and independent 😂

  3. Barbie was horrible
    Definitely not recommended for the kids or teens

    Besides, how hate on men is not sexism? If it was the other way, everyone go against it and we would see articles etc

  4. It's interesting how Chris went through aesthetics, the scenes, praising and crediting bunch of actors and filmmakers and never actually addressed the core of this movie which is it's message which is quite controversial. Either you liked it or not, not even touching this subject to play as safe as possible is what killed this channel, cause honestly, these are not reviews anymore.

  5. Don't be so Woke… this movie should of been a silly goofy movie for kids and their families to play dress up.
    You don't need anything political in this movie.
    Makes no sense.

  6. Movie was overhyped. I actually thought the Barbie movie with Tyra Banks was better. I was expecting a rom com with Barbie and Ken. Other than Margot I thought that Ryan and Will Ferrel were the standouts

  7. this movie was boring
    This was terribly written I don’t think this movie had any rhythm just bunch of forced humor terrible comedy writers ,what Barbie land ?half a set
    Terrible scenes corny acting even for comedy ,drama just a bunch of pop culture bullshit references that didn’t land as comedy people save your money

  8. the original Live action Barbie was to be out in 1997, Pamela Anderson was to be Barbie and Leo Dicaprio was set to be Ken. But, Pamela did another movie.. Yes, this one isn't for kids, it's weird what they've done, ridiculous it's been such a success and, has all what 1 could intend for how a Barbie film would look like. but…

  9. It’s really interesting to see different reviews and the ones who are worried about sponsors and those who aren’t. Chris sounds like he’s reviewing this at gunpoint at certain moments whereas Jeremy Jahns came right out and said “is it man hating? Yeah. I can no more avoid mentioning that than I can avoid mentioning the bomb in Oppenheimer.”

  10. Definately a kids movie, with no subtlety. On the nose messaging, 10 mins of plot, stretched to 2 hours with lots of bright colored objects. I went to this movie with huge expectations but totally disappointed.

  11. This movie was absolutely terrible. It was resentful towards all men and portrayed them as stereotypical power hungry bosses who are constantly disrespecting women. The kens were basically second class citizens to the Barbie’s and looked down upon the whole movie until they took over. Then at the end, instead of Barbie’s and kens living together as equals in barbieland, the kens just went back to being second class citizens while the Barbie’s ruled everyone. This movie actually ruined my day and I don’t understand how anyone could have liked it

  12. As a 19 year old guy, I can confirm Ryan Gosling is literally Ken, and since Ryan Gosling is literally me, I can proudly say Ken is literally me. Also, where can I buy a Ken Dojo Casa House?

  13. The movie is horrible chris wth review is this!! All men in this movie is treated either an horrible a-hole or pathetic simp, so much hardcore feminism, its like the movie is clearly sayin they hate all men and they are underclass compare to women like wtf lol..

    youre really become a kiss ass reviewer nowadays so you could just have a directorial/writer career you always wanted in hollywood, what a sell out 🤦🤦

    the movie oppenheimer is a legit political type movie, but this barbie movie even beat that sheesh 😂😂 talk about false advertising ur project, clearly this film is not for kids even its rated PG13 lol..

  14. Boycott Mattel for allowing this trash to come out! Barbie movie is absolute trash. Look at all the other reviews, every reviewer is calling this show trash and warning not to take your children there. I am review hopping right now. I am watching this video, and whoever this Chris Stuckmann is……… he must be being paid to LIE and deceive his viewers. I am sure he is getting paid big dollars to lie since he is 2.04M subscribers I see. BULL CRAP!!!! Barbie SUCKS!!! I just watched it. I am an author. This movie has massive plot holes and MASSIVE propaganda. AWFUL!!! Go, hop on other people giving reviews, this Stuckmann guys is full of shit and lying to you. He is not bring up all the propaganda and evil towards men. Just sick. The whole thing

  15. You have to be critically online if you believe Barbies message was valid

    There is no one asking for women to be perfect and those who want someone who is perfect to them has 100% right to want that because it’s their relationship and they can have whatever they want out of it you don’t get to change someone’s prefrence just like you get to pick what you like they can too and you have 100% of a right to deny them aswell but you can’t change them or their will when no one wants you because they are looking for something specific you chose to not follow what the other gender likes so you have consequences and that’s the end of it and it should stay that way because we all have a right to free will