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BARBIE MOVIE REVIEW | Double Toasted – Today at Double Toasted we have our Barbie review. In this funny video, we look at the Barbie trailer before going in-depth into our Barbie reaction. We discuss the performances of Margot Robbie, and Ryan Gosling, the story, and let you know our final ratings. What did you think of the Barbie movie? Let us know in the comment section below.


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25 thoughts on “BARBIE MOVIE REVIEW | Double Toasted

  1. I actually enjoyed this film a lot! The only reason i was fascinated to see this film was because i think Greta Gerwig is such a damn good director. It was surprisingly pretty hilarious and I thought the production design and cinematography were phenomenal! I personally didnt find Will Ferrell and the Mattell Corporation stuff funny at all, and some of the arcs didnt feel fully set up or paid off at the end. Especially with America Ferrera's character.

  2. I’m glad I saw Barbie, but aside from the production design and costumes, I’m not crazy impressed.
    I felt so bad for Ken and the rest of the Kens, who seem to only exist to mooch around while the ladies go out and achieve success. Total patriarchy and total matriarchy, why does it have to be one extreme side or other? Why can’t all the barbies and kens live happily and peacefully?
    The writing also didn’t sit so well with me: it often times came off as way too cringey and “woke”, yes, I am using that word for a good reason here. I rolled my eyes one too many times for the preachy dialogue and lines in here.
    I also was not particularly upset when the matriarchal utopia that is Barbieland was transformed into Kendom, because the guys have been attractive accessories from that point in the film, so it’s about time that they had their moment in the spotlight, especially beach Ken.
    This film was marketed towards kids to watch, but this would not sit well with kids. In fact, I think after a while, kids will either be bored or they won’t get what they’re watching.
    Overall, I really wanted to love this film and I was ecstatic about the whole Barbenheimer thing. But after watching this, I’m not crazy about it anymore. It hyped up the women by bringing down the men and I’m not crazy about the cynical undertones.

  3. I’ve been looking for a review that actually had something positive to stay about the movie- personally I really liked it!! It’s nice to see there’s also guys who actually like the movie and aren’t just claiming it’s “woke garbage” 🤦‍♀️

  4. Yo this movie was kinda deep. I just had a 2 hour convo about the ending and what it meant. It’s not ez to unpack but holy shit does this thing go kinda deep on the human condition and societal expectations…in a freaking Barbie movie. This is The Dark Knight for girls 😂😂😂

  5. This film tricked a lot of people. It’s literally a wolf in sheep’s clothing and not in a hood way.

    This is a misandrist film to the highest degree. The woke message was the least bit subtle and turned this entire film into a train wreck.

  6. Love u guys but wish you would show some damn backbone when it comes to these subjects not evry1 who doesnt like what the film promotes is a “fox news fan” or a “jerk” like the simp white dude said lol. Maybe some of us want to be happy in our relationships with women and realize that this type of propaganda and “social comentary” is damaging to the very people it claims to help.

  7. I sent my girlfriend this video and she said "well of course they think the sexism Barbie goes through in the real world is 'exaggerated'. They're men!"

    Trust me she's shown me videos of dudes catcalling her on a daily. It is that bad in real life!