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Rather than getting a more mainstream impressive Halloween outfit like the Grand Heritage Joker costume, they rather toss on a red auburn wig, a white nurse uniform dress, and wear white clown makeup on Halloween night. This was Jason’s first appearance in his most famous persona, the Red Hood. In the 10 days since those teams had strong showings in our first rankings, though, both have   hot cosplay  disappointed. We got our first look at concept art for the upcoming Blue Beetle film, and the movie looks to be sticking very closely to Jaime’s traditional armored suit from the comics and animated shows. Croft shared her incredible art on her Instagram page, where she showcased a Batman who had become Joker-ized – with an incredible gold Batarang acting as the mouth, which makes them look even more terrifying. This was really a brilliant yet unique look. Honorable mentions: Matt Dumba and Joe Pavelski rocking the three-piece suits, Jared McCann in emerald green, Frederick Gaudreau in emerald green, Dougie Hamilton’s pumpkin socks, Victor Olofsson with a “Peaky Blinders”-era look (to be honest, I’m kind of already over this trend) and Victor Hedman being Victor Hedman. Even casual fans of Disney movies and superhero comics might have noticed that purple, green, orange and black, joker nurse costume are an integral part of any villain worth their salt.

The notable trends we’re spotting around the league right now: emerald green, large checkers, bold pants, turtlenecks and uhh … Get the entire look right. Cosplayer @cllownin brings Harleen Quinzel and Harley Quinn’s classic Mad Love look to life, showcasing the character’s transformation after Joker. Harley Quinn costume accessory bat, not designed for use as sports equipment or a toy. On Reddit, @cllownin shared a picture placing Dr. Harleen Quinzel side by side with her future persona, Harley Quinn. While there’s no reason to expect anything similar of taking place around the release of Joker, jared leto joker costume theaters certainly are going to err on the side of caution. Joker’s robes are incredibly long, and his collar is excessively high, but none of this outfit interferes with his ability to murder people and cause chaos throughout the land. The man, Arthur Fleck, makes vile choices to be sure: an hour in, we’ve already seen him dance with a loaded gun in a children’s hospital and murder three businessmen on a metro train.

There’s other clowns around, so Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck may have used the clown look originally as a disguise. This is a replica of Arthur Fleck Joker suit worn by Joaquin Phoenix in the 2019 Joker movie. That perception was changed when Phillips released a camera test video that showed Phoenix in clown makeup. He also wears a clown mask that he takes off to reveal the clown look he’s painted on his face. Your little one will look totally adorable in a black. The results are incredible, as the Golden Batman wears a black mask with a gold bat symbol on the chest with the Joker’s “Ha Ha Ha’s” throughout the suit. The connection between the Joker and the shooting at the screening of The Dark Knight Rises screening in Aurora, Colorado in 2012 are well known. We’ve had so many variations on the standard Batsuit over the years, as well as toyetic variants like “polar attack” and “blaster shield” and “laser justice” to pad out Batman lines, and those are all well and good. Watching this representation really embodies what Joker truly is made out to be within the comics.

It keeps me working out. Landmark Theaters is the country’s largest independent theater chain. Harley’s fall was brought about by her fascination with Joker and his manipulation of her – but even if she becomes a true hero, her transformation cannot be completely undone. He’s brought the heat. He’s been the thorn in Batman’s side for decades. He boasts a remarkable rogues’ gallery – ranging from the Joker to Clayface -, he’s a key component of super-teams like the Justice League, and he’s a merchandising juggernaut and has been for decades. Women fans of the Joker who like this twisted bad boy can also dress up as the notorious Gotham City villain in their own unique feminine style and attire. This is a fight 80 years in the making, and its outcome won’t just change Batman’s life-it will change Gotham City for years to come! Well, you better scrounge about for a lot of spare change. Naturally, fans already have a lot to say about Batman sporting this kind of bright, shiny, armored look. Remember what we said about last week’s winner: a great way to make your look pop without doing anything crazy is to choose a bold color and make it the centerpiece.

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