Anthony Davis Gives Sal His Punishment (Clip) | Impractical Jokers | truTV

Anthony Davis and the jokers cut off Sal’s pants for his punishment. Sal wants the sneakers so bad that he sells his soul to Murr! Watch more Impractical Jokers on truTV.

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Three comedians and lifelong friends compete to embarrass each other amongst the general public with a series of hilarious and outrageous dares. When Sal, Q, and Murr challenge each other to say or do something, they have to do it… if they refuse, they lose! At the end of every episode – with the help of a celebrity guest – the episode’s loser must endure a punishment of epic proportions.

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Anthony Davis Helps Gives Sal His Punishment (Clip) | Impractical Jokers | truTV


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35 thoughts on “Anthony Davis Gives Sal His Punishment (Clip) | Impractical Jokers | truTV

  1. I don’t think this is funny at all. I believe they are shoving the real stuff in our faces knowing most will ignore because it’s a show about “jokes”.

  2. Let's be real. Murr: every godtdamned punishments I hate you got to do in my place. What. NO! Contract here with blood God damn you murrrrrrrr 💩💩😤 hey you picked it 🤣