Alice in Borderland: Best Behind The Scenes Moments

from difficult stunts and action-packed scenes, alice in borderland was a wild ride that no one was ready for. stick around to find out about best behind the scenes moments of alice in borderland! subscribe to miss kdrama for more kdrama news and videos.


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25 thoughts on “Alice in Borderland: Best Behind The Scenes Moments

  1. I liked a lot of the games especially Chishiya’s. The running game was a tad bit of a boring concept to me and I really had to get through that episode. The fighting in that episode was mediocre but interesting. I just couldn’t get over how dumb the concept was and why the players would easily give up like that when getting tagged by the girl.

  2. I started watching it when it came out in 2020 or 2021 I don’t remember very well. And then squid game came out and for some reason it was super popular. I tried to convince everyone I talked to who watched squid that Alice is a much better show and very similar too. Good video!!

  3. It was a great show blew my mind away especially by 2nd season and surprised us by the perception of reality , what is real what is illusion , these concepts mixed together. But in the end it is more clear and we saw Arisu kept stucked in between Life and Death while 1 minute heart stop, in hospital Chishiya and Niragi also said their heart stopped too, probably they also saw the same illusion.

    In the end Joker is shown. Joker is the last card of the playing card so games are over and it symbolizes the most challenging game – Real Life. Mira also told Arisu that "life is the game and enjoy this game". And they are living real life now. So I don't think there will be a 3rd season.

    Even if it's 100 seasons, it will be watched with pleasure, but in terms of meaning it is completed therefore it is right to leave it at this point… We will miss this awesome series and characters😮‍💨 "Game Ovaaa" as Mira announced in her sweet voice 😍