Across the Spider-Verse – Cosmonaut Quickie




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46 thoughts on “Across the Spider-Verse – Cosmonaut Quickie

  1. You kinda summed up my thoughts exactly. I loved this movie a lot, almost as much as the first. But I don’t feel like I can judge it until I see part II. I do like that they’re throwing out the “You can’t save x person or the multiverse breaks” plotline from literally every other piece of multiverse media I’ve seen or read though!

  2. The fact that they matched or arguably passed or the quality of the second movie gives me confidence that they will finish stron. To me this seems like a trilogy that had a solid plan from the beginning, unlike the sequels for Star Wars. I have a great feeling about this and that it might be one of the best trilogies I’ve seen

  3. I think I’m in the vocal minority about liking this more than the original. I loved the emotional beats with Spider Gwen, and seeing Miles Morales grow into a strong and confident Spider-Man are so fulfilling. I do agree the hang over does kinda put a pause on the hype tho

  4. I feel the exact same way you did about this movie, where I preferred the first one and the ending felt incomplete. But after rewatching this movie I loved it even more and enjoyed it as it's own movie

  5. 6:37 I hate how your judging this like a unfinished movie, the movie is finished but the story makes you want to see a third. It’s good unfinished 🤷‍♂️

  6. The structure of this trilogy reminded me of the original Pirates trilogy. Spider-verse send better planned, but Pirates 2 had a giant cliffhanger tease of an ending. Across' ending feels the same; a bit of a tease

  7. My only major complaint about this film (and we will see if its all earned in the second half) is that the could have picked up the queues a bit across the board. I LIKED all the scenes, I liked all the story beats, but it was the first time I started to feel fatigue with some of the fights. The paper Vulture, the first encounter with the dot, and many of the "what's up danger" montages over stayed their welcome. The film builds up to (what feels like) act ending sequences over and over, then continues and repeats that almost every 10-20 minutes. I really think they could have chopped a collective 20min off fight scenes, montages, buildups, and spider stories and still nailed all their story beats. They didn't need to impress with extended visual feasts, they far beyond proved they are supremely capable at nailing any style they want.

  8. I rewatched the first Spiderverse a bit before going in on the sequel and thought it was really damn good, but not even close to this one. Just personal feelings i guess

  9. As a person with a wall crawling toddler, fuggin, come on Peter. You take the baby on a mission, it goes WAY south, and you're like, "damn, gotta do the right thing…………. better bring the baby against my partners wishes."
    Parenting excellence people. Somebody get Samberg in there and make him babysit.

  10. I think they made this a lot like how James Cameron made avatar the director wrote a completed story and script and already has all the dialogue voiced years ago and have just been waiting for the animation team and the editing team to finish so they can put everything together

  11. This was much different than something like Endgame or Dune part 1 because it’s not relying on the other movie to be great. I think it stands on its own fine and is a massive improvement from the first movie

  12. Into the Spider-Verse — was a 9/10 and amazing to me

    Had no excitement for across the Spider-Verse.

    Wound up thinking Across was somehow better, 10/10 and this is coming from a childhood Miguel stan who was pissed they’d make him an antagonist.

  13. Yeah the cliff hanger sucks, but ngl I still think it trumps the first. Gwen had a full character arc with her dad and finding her "band". Now part 2 will finish Mile's arc. I think there were more emotional moments than the first film. I Hope 3 tops this. Also liked the humour in the this one better.

  14. I don't get the argument of "it's half a movie" I felt like this was Gwen's movie and her arc came full circle when she reunited with her dad and he literally saves his own life by leaving the police force. That was the emotional payoff of the movie

  15. Totally agree with your take. I think we needed a resolution with one of the antagonists, even if only a temporary one. Instead we built up two problems and then ended with the introduction of a third. The final third of the film felt exhausting as it was all build, no resolution. Similar to how the first third was all slow exposition. IMO the plotting let down the visuals. Not disastrous, but not as satisfying as Spiderverse. I'd he harder and say 7/10.