50 Eerie Behind The Scenes Moments From Hollywood History

Are you ready to discover the eerie side of Hollywood?

Welcome to our fascinating journey as we uncover 50 strange behind-the-scenes moments from Hollywood’s iconic history that’ll make you question what really goes on in Hollywood.

Let’s uncover the unseen secrets of Hollywood’s history together!

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30 thoughts on “50 Eerie Behind The Scenes Moments From Hollywood History

  1. They were only slightly off re Margaux Hemingway’s death – 30 years off. And that is certainly not her sister Mariel (not Mary.) I’m outta here.

  2. The Brooks/Bancroft segment needs clarification. The pair starred in Brooks's 1983 remake of "To Be or Not to Be." The original 1942 movie may have been his favorite, but that couldn't have been the year he spent 24 hours a day with his beloved wife.

  3. An actual photograph of a person who served in the Revolutionary War. When
    I look into the man's face, I cannot help
    but wonder; if the gentleman had the very same opportunity to see a photo of a person one hundred and sixty years (the time since this photo) old,
    he would be seeing someone from 1704 ! And if he had the opportunity as a child to hear stories from his grand-
    parents about their grandparents, he might well have heard first-hand accounts of the Tudor Dynasty. We think of history as so unreal, so far removed. It's truly awe inspiring.

  4. I MUST tell you about something that irritates me to NO END. For too many years too many people used the word, "awesome". Now it appears that too many people are using the word "iconic". There are NUMEROUS other superlatives in the English language including: Great, Super, Wonderful, Excellent, Stupendous, Important, Classical, Quintessential, Supreme, and Important, etc. I guess our educational system really has "dumbed downed people".

  5. The opening footage is the Flying A Sudios in Santa Barbara, California. It was located at the corner of State and Mission Streets. Long gone with the exception of the former dressing room building.

  6. MARY Hemingway was the 4th wife of Ernest and was Margaux's Step-Grandmother…..NOT her "sister." And has been repeatedly pointed out, Margaux died in 1996. Please get your crap straight, as facts such as Myrna Loy supported the United Nations and/or Bea Arthur was a WAVE who drove a jeep in WWII are dull, boring and well known. Indeed, you're "Click Baiting" for views as the only thing "eerie" about this channel is your ridiculous voice.