5 Details You Missed In BIRDS OF PREY!

Number 1
When Harley remembers getting her heart broken, she remembers two guys and one girl, and the girl is animated in the same style as Poison Ivy in Batman: The Animated Series.

Number 2
Harley adopts a hyena and names him Bruce, but in the Animated Series, she adopts two hyenas and names them Bud and Lou.

Number 3
The eggs used in Harley’s egg sandwich are actually duck eggs, because Margot is allergic to chicken egg whites and gets migraines from them.

Number 4
The brand name of the beer that Harley’s dad trades her for is Dini, which is a direct reference to Harley Quinn’s creator, Paul Dini.

Number 5
When Bruno Oliver auditioned for the role of the short order cook, he admitted that he didn’t realize how important his role and egg sandwich were to Harley’s story.


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29 thoughts on “5 Details You Missed In BIRDS OF PREY!

  1. I’m still annoyed that we have gotten at least 3 movies worth of Harley Quinn content and none of them include her dynamic with Poison Ivy.

    They’re one of my favorite duos/couples in comics and it’s sad and disappointing that even by 2023 the film industry doesn’t seem to think they deserve to be on screen unless it’s animated.

  2. the fact that the eggs where duck eggs because margo is allergic to chicken eggs and the fact that the actor who makes the eggs sandwiches didn't know how important the role was are not movie details that people watching could have missed. those are fun facts about the behind the scenes stuff.

    either find five true hidden easter eggs or just say 3.

  3. In case you didn't know, in the serial Harley Quinn, season 2, it shows how Harley Quinn confesed her love to Ivy, but Poison Ivy said that "I trust you with my mind, but I don't with my heart"… Poor Harley got heartbroken too many times…