30 Hogwarts Legacy Easter Eggs

30 Hogwarts Legacy Secrets & Easter Eggs

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25 thoughts on “30 Hogwarts Legacy Easter Eggs

  1. In the 7th movie, don't you see Harry and Ginny hug in front of the fairytale in the werewolf room.. right? The unicorn in the fence is in the background of the scene..

  2. This game is absolutely amazing and well done, i have over 100 hours and would play it again with a dif character for sure in the future.

    Thanks for the video there were a few i didnt realice in the game

  3. The mandrake and niffler isn’t exclusive to the very beginning. There’s at least one other instance of them showing up on top of the tallest accessible mountain in the game. It has a really pretty view of Hogwarts and hogs Meade with a valley for perfect views of the sunset. Pretty sure the devs put it in for people to discover and take in-game photos.

  4. I remember in transfiguration classroom there is a half-transfigured cup from a rat that seems to be a reference to the failed transfiguration attempt by Weasley… from the second movie I guess? When Ron’s wand was malfunctioning due to being snapped?

  5. Also near the Hufflepuff common room door is a painting with a green pear and when you tickle the pear it takes you to the castles kitchen area where you can eat a ton of cool treats and see where all the elves hang out

  6. Immediately the Potterhead in me gets annoyed with #1- the cabinet doesn't go into the Room of Requirement until after Peeves breaks it in Chamber of Secrets!!! 😆 This game has such incredible attention to detail but then will go and stick the entrance to Slytherin's chamber in the dungeon bathroom rather than on the second floor 🤦‍♂️

  7. There's also a random place near the edge of the Forbidden Forest, where you find a spider nest inside a small building. Beat the spiders and find a guy inside who's rolled into a spiderweb burrito, still twitching and struggling.
    You can't get him out, but you do find a letter that says:

    Followthespidersfollowthespidersfollowthespiders… for the full note.

    If you press on, you enter the forbidden forest and a spider den, the den is huge and I didn't walk all the way to the end (because there were several paths to take and I was on a mission), so I've no idea if it actually leads to something. Could be treasure, could be nothing