3 INCREDIBLE Quick-Change Auditions that SHOCKED The Judges! | Magician’s Got Talent

Blink and You’ll Miss It! Featuring Matricks Illusions (Britain’s Got Talent 2022), Léa Kyle (Spain’s Got Talent: Allstars 2023) & Solange Kardinaly (Spain’s Got Talent 2019)

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32 thoughts on “3 INCREDIBLE Quick-Change Auditions that SHOCKED The Judges! | Magician’s Got Talent

  1. Every guy watching this is asking himself why he can't only have a girlfriend as hot as Lea but also one that can get ready to go out that quick and not take 3 hours to get dressed and ready LOLOLOLOLOL.

  2. Lea Kyle the best! She is changing dress right on front your eyes. No coverings or any prop. Right in front your eyes. How she do it? Really amazing

  3. The simplest explanation is always right, and by that i kean the shots from the back, those are 100% fake , and now let s watch a bear eating a bee

  4. I've watched it more than once, but I never understand how to change so quickly. Or maybe they're just taking off their clothes, or changing the persons behind the curtain. Either way, it's fun.

  5. The first one was more amazing for me because of all of the people involved. There was the woman changing into a girl, then the girl changed into three people, then back to one person…how do you change the people back and forth when everything is right there on stage?