3 Demon Slayer Facts You (Maybe) Didn’t Know!

I cover three demon slayer facts most of you (probably) don’t know.

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35 thoughts on “3 Demon Slayer Facts You (Maybe) Didn’t Know!

  1. Actually, it goes a bit deeper than that. Muzan killed his doctor because he was under the impression the drug, meant to save his life, wasn’t working, and killed his doctor. He later discovered that it was in fact working by turning him into a demon, and to make this medication he needed the blue spider lily. A cruel twist of fate, however, reveals that only the doctor and Kie Kamado, both of whom Muzan himself killed, knew where they grew. This is why Muzan cannot walk in the sunlight.

  2. Many of us didn't know one more fact that SANEMI yelled at the( scum glasses ) uniform maker when he heard about HARASSING female slayers, mr.scum glasses got soo scared that he PEED in his pants and apologized for what he did.

  3. I have a doubt. It's my opinion.

    Sun breathing is the first breathing and each other breathing style came from it.
    1. Flame breathing based on hand power
    2. Water breathing based on flexibility
    3. Thunder breathing based on leg power
    4. Stone breathing based on physics strength
    5. Wind breathing based on speed in swinging sword.

    And the combination of these each Breathing is Sun breathing. That's the reason why Sun breathing is so much overpowered.
    This is my opinion. What do you say.

  4. Yeah I got no new info…

    Also well… demons can’t go in the sun because of plot that’s like the whole reason just because of plot…