2024 Oscar Predictions – Directing/Writing/Techs etc… | June 2023

0:00 Directing
4:22 Original Screenplay
7:16 Adapted Screenplay
9:28 Cinematography
13:26 Editing
15:43 Production Design
17:18 Costume Design
18:47 Makeup
19:32 Score
24:48 Sound
27:43 VFX
35:11 Animated Feature
38:25 Documentary Feature
39:41 International Feature
41:48 Original Song
43:21 SAG Ensemble


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36 thoughts on “2024 Oscar Predictions – Directing/Writing/Techs etc… | June 2023

  1. I know it's still very early and Asteroid City just came out, but I do hope it gets at least one nomination for something, after The French Dispatch got completely shut out at the 2022 oscars.

  2. I swear to God, if Air gets nominated for anything, I'm gonna be done with the Academy entirely. It's seriously the most bland, dry, forgettable movie. That getting in over some much better contenders would just make me sick.

  3. Regarding International Feature, Kaurismaki actually HAS had 2 movies nominated, he just had the second one withdrawn (also did the same for a third movie before it was even screened for the Academy) for various political reasons. Also, for Italy, I'd say Kidnapped has a much better shot than La Chimera. They've never submitted a Rohrwacher, but they sent Bellocchio's last movie, which was about as successful as this new one (i.e., it made basically no noise but was perfectly fine and didn't get nominated). Still praying for the day Ceylan gets his flowers!

  4. You guys should do one of those vรญdeos predicting the metascore of the unreleased movies of the season before Barbie and Oppenheimer comes out ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  5. While I agree that Spiderverse was amazing, think you guys are overhyped for its awards chances. I think it'll just get an animated nomination and maybe score. That's it.

  6. Across the spider verse was a shitty incomplete product of a movie.

    Another super hero, multiverse movie with hackneyed concepts. I even hated the excessive chromatic aberration smeared all over the movie.

    Once would hope that Miyazaki's last movie would be better than that schlock.

  7. Re prod. design. You justify Oppenheimer getting nominated because โ€˜Tenetโ€™ got nominated. Nathan Crowley was prod. designer on Tenet and has been 6 times nominated. Heโ€™s doing Wonka. That should be an automatic top 5.


  9. Original Song is surprisingly weak this year so far, plus I'm 100% sure her 80 for Brady song will get nominated (and possibly win!) because it has the all-star lineup of oldies – Dolly Parton, Belinda Carlisle, Cyndi Lauper, Gloria Estefan, and Debbie Harry. A lot of people will want that for Oscar night.

    I'm hoping one of the Spider Verse songs get in. I'd love to see Metro Boomin be an Oscar nominee

  10. If the first Spiderverse didnโ€™t make it into Best Picture, the second wonโ€™t make it either. The animation in the second one is amazing, but the first one was so much better

  11. I have a strong feeling about How Do You Live?. And considering Across the Spider-Verse is a setup movie, i would like to award them next year and give this year to Miyazaki's possible last and swan song

  12. I think you guys must have seen something in Air that I didn't see…. it keeps getting slid into these categories as a maybe nomination. I don't think it's going to get any nominations. It's a nice enough movie with some good moments but I don't get why everyone keeps trying to make it happen at the Oscars.