10 Superhero Redesigns That ACTUALLY Worked

The coolest DC and Marvel redesigns that did their heroes justice.

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31 thoughts on “10 Superhero Redesigns That ACTUALLY Worked

  1. I think tbh aqua man did work but not in the way we think. It expanded his lore tbh so much that it made us understand why he’s a founding member of the justice league. He’s a pillar in the dc universe like the other 7 bc he represented a aspect of the universe in the sense of the Element of water.

  2. I feel dear devils original outfit was great due to being blind and not knowing what he wore. The red suit is great though. I'd like to see an MCU movie where the hero's have their original outfits

  3. I think a more minor but successful redesign is wonder woman’s. Her costume now looks more like armor than just a strapless top and a blue skirt. I’m not sure if she’s had a similar look in her earlier iterations, but it has stuck around better compared to the reversions Superman and Batman seem to have gotten with their outside underwear.

  4. i strong disagree with the superbyo redesign opinion, while i love hte young justice TV series look of Conner, the jacket over suit is still a really great look for any super hero