〘RAIN CODE〙 Ch.2 Part 1 | A Silent Curtain Call | Live Playthrough

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code – Live Playthrough – Full Playlist:

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Part 10 – Playing the latest Spike Chunsoft Kodaka game! Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is a fantasy-mystery adventure game set in a rainy city lit by neon lights. It follows the trainee detective Yuma, who is haunted by the spirit Shinigami.

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10 thoughts on “〘RAIN CODE〙 Ch.2 Part 1 | A Silent Curtain Call | Live Playthrough

  1. Hi! Commenting because I am watching the vod, though I'm not done with it just yet. My days of watching live were unfortunately short-lived. If it isn't timezones it's work.

    Case seems interesting so far, can't wait to see what happens next!

    1:40:42 – Clay sounding like Soos here. Nyanny got it in one with the LE 1 9 comment, can't tell if the whole thing after was a bit or you guys started overthinking after you said the right answer.

    1:45:25 – The best laugh I've had in a while.

  2. 27:00 You don't jump off of buildings, so you're not committing suicide by jumping. Tell me you jump from rooftops all the time, and I'll consider your point valid.

  3. Alright both Halara and Vivia gonna live for good long while i'm quite sure of it also look like Desuhiko gonna be our buddy partner for this chapter i like him so that's cool oh and Kurumi is just Chiaki and Komaru fused together

  4. To be honest, Yumi would be the strongest one of them if he had the experience Chief has.

    He can beat anyone, if he had many years of experience. It just goes to show just how crazy ML is.

  5. "Magic exists? I have a hard time believing that."

    Coming from the guy with a supernatural bond to a Death god who travels between worlds and has seen at least one ghost.
    But this is obviously where the line must be drawn…not to mention this world has people with superpowers…like??? Ok, Yuma.