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Special Offer, best friend halloween costumes funny not available in shops Comes in a variety of styles and colours Buy yours now before it is too late! But now that you see it in dog form, it may be time to resurrect this legendary look. When looking for funny dog Halloween costumes, a lobster probably wasn’t on your radar. Arrrrrr you looking for an adorable dog costume that’s also funny? If you’re a red head and you’re looking for a funny costume, then look no further than this Ginger Bread Man costume. We totally love this adorable take on a “queen bee” costume. Take a quick trip to Wal-Mart and find striped shirt, hat and fake glasses and you’ve got a costume.

Take a peek at her post to see how to achieve this magical look. And let’s face it, your pup will look doggone adorable in it. But when you see it, it feels so right. It’s so wrong, it may just be right. The best way for your dog to ring in the holiday may be far away, in the comfort of a doggy daycare or pet hotel. If your dog is finicky about wearing costumes, then you should definitely consider this. And we have definitely come across dogs wearing formals with ties, casual wear as well as wedding gowns.

You don’t need to rub a magic lamp to come across this mystical genie costume. What’s better than a costume party? If you’ve already got a classic idea in mind, are you sure you can’t do better? You don’t want to wear earrings that are too large and hit against your cheek bones causing you pain or a bracelet that doesn’t match your dress color or style. The full-body costume includes a royal purple polyester robe and shirt, with a headpiece to match. Who wouldn’t want to pretend they’re a flapper from “The Great Gatsby?” This chic costume comes with an eye-catching black mini dress and a feather headband.

Bonus: How much fun would it be to dress up as Wenda to complement your dog’s look? Step 7: Stuff sleeves with polyfill to give volume and look like the bun. Like a couple you’ll be able to go with a complimentary costume great for a pair, not only a single individual. And, funny costumes this costume is probably the simplest on the list. To get you started, here’s a big list of Halloween party names. Wear your feelings on more than just your sleeve with this Halloween costume inspired by Pixar’s Inside Out! If you’re a fan of the Ghostbusters films, this could be the perfect costume for your canine.

Waldo is such an iconic character, and this does a great job of translating the look into a perfect costume for canines. Each one is custom made so it’s a perfect fit, and you can choose the color of your dog’s hat band and cape to suit your fancy. When it comes to funny dog Halloween costumes, there is something so cute and so humorous about dressing up a dog in Harry’s iconic cape and wire rim glasses. Dressing your dog up is humorous no matter what, but it’s even better when you pick a funny, entertaining outfit. Halloween is fast approaching, but don’t worry – there’s still time to find funny dog Halloween costumes.

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We also got some face paint, which is VERY easy to find that time of the year. “My parents won a pumpkin carving contest last year. 12. Funny Quote and sayings for the greeting card. An affordable and funny Halloween costume guaranteed to cheer one’s soul up might just be what this foot-long hot dog design is all about. When in doubt, stick to the basics and be a witch for Halloween! Apache Struts XWork Input Validation OGNL Command Injection Vulnerability 6. Practice English with English Chat and English forums funny halloween costumes. His birthday is next month and I need to find a place that carries Funny Halloween Costumes.

Those who are paired up, this couple’s costume will turn heads at Halloween bash! Fun, sweet and bursting with energy, funny adult costume ideas who doesn’t love SpongeBob Squarepants? Even if he doesn’t like getting his paws cold in the snow outside, funny couples costumes diy he won’t mind wearing this cuddly costume – at least while you take a few pictures. Even though this dog doesn’t look to happy in his costume, you have to admit it’s pretty original and unique! 80% of the buyers have given it a 4 rating and above. It has a 4.1-star rating. Funny and easy to make, this Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head couples costume is a great option for Halloween.

TopicMap. The software versions that are created by a team are stored on funny halloween costumes CDs. Harry Potter, Robin Hood, a dragon, a groom in a tux, a pirate – these are just some awesome ideas which you will see in the gallery below. Fortunately, customers have been able to see them and this is thanks to this product. My very cute husband thought it would be hilarious to have a birthday party for me, with oh such a wonderful theme. On my 30th birthday I walk into a lounge we normally go to and all my friends say surprise! If you are in search of funny Halloween costumes which will create a lot of entertainment for the kids, then this is an ideal choice.

Which is why I’ve rounded up Halloween costumes with gloves to help keep little hands protected this Halloween. Also, keep in mind that you can enhance your natural body tan by going to the tanning studio several times before the competition. Funny Halloween costumes keep everyone laughing – even the ghouls! Halloween is not just scary! Let them join in on the spooky fun by dressing them up in one of this year’s most frightfully delightful funny Halloween pet costumes. Olaf is a goofy character from the recent hit movie Frozen, but costumes of him should probably be left for children under nine to enjoy, not adults walking around in a white jumpsuit and carrot nose attachment. And since everyone is 18 plus throw in a few shots of alcohol and you’ll see lots of people walking around in funny drunk Halloween costumes. Halloween isn’t just for humans anymore! It will be a cute and funny full-fam Halloween costume.

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Your dog is certainly a gift to you, funny hero villain costumes and he’ll look like one too when he’s wearing this festive costume with an easy front closure. When people put together redneck Halloween costumes, this is the look they are striving for. You’ve spent weeks perfecting and DIY-ing your costume (or costumes, if you’re hitting up a bunch of parties). Dressing as food is always another funny Halloween costume idea, especially if the costume is edible. For those who aren’t feeling very imaginative and need some ideas to get their creative juices flowing, here are two funny costume ideas. We’ve got everything you need for creepin’ it real, whether you’re looking for a scary Halloween costume, or a strange, eerie like the dead, funny or just show-stoppingly coo Halloween costume, we’re here and ready! You don’t need to rub a magic lamp to come across this mystical genie costume.

Unique costumes come in every shape or size, and whether a person enjoys spooking others or making others laugh, there are plenty of ideas for unique and amusing Halloween attire. It’s sometimes difficult to come up with original and funny costume ideas. Costumes that are cool and genuinely funny are few and far between, and often take a bit of DYI magic to get right. There is a chance it’ll look a bit strange but that’s the purpose of this costume! Newcastle: There have been several reports of a knife-wielding clown in a Teeside village where a mother and daughter were reportedly chased by one. And stay tuned, Game Of Thrones fans, because we’ll have something just for you later this week.

Another great video game character to dress as for Halloween is Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. And if you are looking for a great deal, we’ve discounted hundreds of popular costumes in our sale category so that you can look great for less this Halloween. By flattering the face also, funny cat costumes T-shirts make you look completely young even if you are expecting the first baby. Look to the classics like Romeo and Juliet or even Disney’s Beauty and The Beast. You may download, modify, distribute, and use them royalty free for anything you like, funny aussie costumes even in commercial applications. Friends, party guests, and even strangers can help eat the costume right off!

The person who will be wearing the costume must step into the basket, and it can be secured to the body using some clothes line tied to the basket and suspended over the shoulders. However, people may respond to these costumes by saying to themselves, “Been there… done that.” You may want to try something more creative, so that people will be both entertained and impressed by what you are wearing. Want something weird, awesomely scary and inspirationally cool? When Halloween comes around, most of us feel somewhat undecided about cool costume ideas. This is Halloween my pretties, so lets go ALL out! This clever cotton candy DIY looks so good, I’m ready to take a bite out of this little cutie!

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Find out how to make this upside down man costume here. So whatever the occasion or venue, never take life too seriously and get your funny hats and caps right here. Funny dog Halloween costumes don’t get much better than this! But rest assured, you won’t regret the extra work of coming up with an original idea when you show up to an evening of Halloween mischief looking like the biggest goof around. Leading up to the event, volunteers will raise money and work toward your fundraising goal. If you host an annual gala or some other large event, this is the perfect opportunity to hold a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. Make sure your website and donation tools are ready to go before launching your campaign.

type typewriter key keys heavy big old dusty dust rows of But video games are also inspirations as the Mario and Luigi outfits make their way into the lineup. Let’s dive into some of the peer-to-peer fundraising best practices so you can make the most of your campaign. Whether you’re brand new to social fundraising or a P2P master, you can always benefit from refreshing your strategy. Just make sure you’re backed by dedicated pledge tools so that you can boost funds and engagement without frustration. During the event, ask event attendees to reach out to those who were unable to make it. For instance, you can display progress with a donation thermometer on the big screen at the event. Then, the event itself will serve as a celebration!

These pledges serve as the bulk of revenue on top of traditional registration fees. With “a-thon”-style events in particular, participants collect pledges and then they do the designated activity for as long as possible. If your tech doesn’t streamline the process, pledges may get frustrated and abandon their contributions altogether. If not, reading through these ideas should at least help to get your creative cauldron bubbling so you conjure up your own. So for all your ride on costume and carry me costume needs see our full range of Piggyback Costumes and get ready for the time of your life! The editorial board asked people if they have considered dressing up as Thanos, the Marvel villain who sought to address overpopulation by exterminating half of all life on the planet. Bram Stoker’s original Dracula never gets old on Halloween, which is why dressing in this Spooktacular Creations Renaissance Medieval Vampire is always going to be a safe bet.

Everyone likes to be a little bit wicked at Halloween, and if you decide to take that literally and take part in the witching hour, you might want to try one of these on for size. If you want a real show-stopping costume for Halloween, funny healthcare costumes then look no further than this hot-air balloon getup. This Mandalorian Cosplay Costume comes with the top, pants, gloves, a cloak and an armor set for a near-complete Mandalorian look. This funny 80s aerobics costume includes a leotard, crop top, shorts and headband. Become a sexy school girl, a funny robot, pair up for a couples costume or go in a group.

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The best part of this is that if you are a fan of this movie, funny sexy costumes you probably own most of these clothes. While quarantine style may vary depending on how you spent your days staying home, we can all agree there were likely comfy clothes involved. You can check out how to make this easy DIY costume on Youtube! The teeny UPS box and hat make this UPS employee costume from Spirit Halloween almost unbearably adorable. We wrapped a cardboard box that fit over my daughter’s head in green felt. According to The Sun on Sunday, Emilia and Tom were said to have ‘bonded’ over their love of dogs, with the new couple seen out and about walking her pet pooch Ted. The gang punched and kicked an employee, then hauled out the safe and drove off with it in the boot of a car.

These aren’t boots, but they’re boot toppers and they ride over the top of the shoes or boots you supply. A onesie is a classic pick for funny Halloween costumes simply because they’re the right mix of slightly ridiculous and fun. Here’s a monkey onesie off of Amazon and a banana suit if you want to complete your best friend costume like Katie and Emily did! Check out this highly-rated one on Amazon that you’ll love using even after Halloween is over! This is one of the funniest costumes I’ve seen in recent years on the Hopkins campus, and it’s pretty great. Speaking of great TV shows, if you’ve watched any of Schitt’s Creek (it just won NINE Emmy Awards!), you’re well aware of the extravagant outfits Moira Rose sports in every single scene. It also comes with a wig and is made of pure polyester as well.

While there are a plethora of Moira costume ideas (Serious Mom Fun shared two easy ideas!) we think you’ll be a show-stopper regardless of whichever you choose! This is the easiest costume to recreate on this list, but it’s still super fun! If your kids love passing these funny wiggly tube men on the side of the road, then take inspiration with an adorable and super unique costume – easy enough the whole family could even sport the same thing! Then we cut a rectangle out for her to look through and used some netting so it was super breathable.

Then cut out the bottom of one basket (this will be the bottom part.) Keep the handles intact because you’ll use this to put your arms through to hold up the basket. Just grab a striped tee out of your closet, buy a beret, then use Halloween makeup to paint your face like a member of the rock band KISS. Add some fun flair with colorful headbands and face paint! If you run out of time, we have some fun last minute DIY Halloween costumes. Turn on your fantasy and have witchy fun! This adorable DIY costume is easy to throw together last minute and chances are you already have everything you need.

Sometimes your Halloween costumes just need to deviate from the typical BFF costumes, cute DIY costumes, or the basic costumes that every girl tends to wear. Don’t be a basic witch. You’d better not step a toe out of line with this police dog on duty (though, somehow, we don’t think this particular pup would be that strict about enforcing the rules). Sometimes buying their costumes in the store can be pricey, that’s why I’m really loving this clever DIY costume… and it looks even better in my opinion! She did up her hair in the traditional beer can rollers, her makeup is on the heavy side but still looks awesome.

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This is actual two of the coolest 80s movie costumes in one. Meanwhile a Birmingham school was targeted by pranksters who hung two ‘killer clown’ costumes on the rails late at night. Sandy, Bedfordshire: According to Clown Spotted UK on Facebook a picture was shared on Monday, October 10, of two clowns in nearby woods, one allegedly with a chainsaw. Gloucester: Six reports were made of pranksters dressed as clowns wielding knives, following people or acting suspiciously. Perhaps the biggest victims of the craze are the professional clowns who are now being tarred with the same brush as the pranksters. While there are easy costumes available in stores, it may be more practical and even realistic to try a homemade one.

While the town torments him – throwing things at him while he hides behind a pumpkin umbrella, mocking him and trashing his handmade ‘Halloween word searches’ for the kids – something goes awry. Plymouth: A man posted a video online showing him being confronted at night in the town by a clown armed with a hammer. Caernarfon, North Wales: A passenger in a passing car spotted a clown near a kids playground at night. I’ve been reading about the clown stuff and it was clear that whoever had put it there was trying to scare the kids because it’s a primary school.

Take a look at our complete guide to matching Halloween costumes for dogs and kids. Okay but seriously, funny blue costumes it is time to start planning out the PERFECT family Halloween costumes! Most stores are out of stock of the Fake Ankle Monitors Check Here To See if They Are Back In Stock! Read the full instructions here. Mr Scott first started clowning as a hobby in the early 1990s, to help out a musician pal who needed someone to entertain children but for the past 14 years he has made Cookie the Clown his full time job. It has probably been there for years waiting for the right occasion for it to be worn.

Newcastle: There have been several reports of a knife-wielding clown in a Teeside village where a mother and daughter were reportedly chased by one. Mother and baby are said to be doing well. You can also wear white make up if you are dressing as a vampire, or place a fake moustache to give an air of aristocracy. Don’t offend someone by wearing this on the second date, but if you’re already married or serious enough to have talked about it, this perfect husband-aka a puppet-will make for a funny joke on Halloween. IMPORTANT: Do not dye your dog’s fur if they have any history of skin sensitivity or allergies! Then don’t worry – we have some inspiration for you and your best friend.

You can dress your dog in the best of vests, tuxedos and dress. And showing up on a ballroom dance competition with your evening dress is like showing up on your own wedding wearing your pajamas. The mason jar is incredibly popular nowadays, and you often see them plastered all over image-focused social media site, like Pinterest and Instagram. Some individuals will also swap gender, funny lifeguard costume with boys dressing like girls and the other way around. We will not tolerate any kind of anti-social or violent behaviour directed at members of our communities. Whether you’re dressing them up for a party or no reason at all, seeing a Chihuahua wearing a cute costume is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face, regardless of what kind of day you’re having.

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After all, halloween costume ideas anyone can slap on some gory makeup and give folks a scare. On the other hand, cheap, low-quality costumes that are poorly made can cause discomfort when worn. Accompanying Idea: You can grab a couple of friends to go as the other dinosaurs or have them dress as characters from the Jurassic World movies. You could even get a group of friends together to dress up like Hansel, Derek, or Matilda. The group are all believed to have been dressed in dark clothing with their hoods up and faces covered – with some of the group wearing clown masks.

17 best ideas about Cute Baby Couple on Pinterest - Cute puppies and kittens, Kittens and puppies and Cutest dog names Cute Baby Couple - 웹 They were armed with a red and black sledgehammer and DIY-style hammers and had clown masks on and came through into our open plan office area. It includes a bright red muscle chest jumpsuit with 3D Boot Tops and 3D Gauntlets. The costume includes a harness with attached neck, funny group costumes along with the black robe. This costume includes the shirt, wig, and goatee. You’ll get the chimp mask, shirt, shorts, shot glass, and a “beverage belt” with room for six cans. Nothing captures people’s attention faster than seeing a dinosaur walk into the room. There’s nothing a gooey loaf of bread can’t cure.

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Plus, these literally cover your entire body from head to toe, so hardly any outside effort is needed. And, consider whether you’ve got a lot of distance to cover or whether you’ll be close to your own home should you need to bail. After you’ve considered these questions, you should have a good idea about the type of costume you’re after. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know by now that the movie “Borat” is on its way back with a sequel. So I was always watching my back. Kick it back to the Upper East Side with this Gossip Girl inspired costume.

I’m a lifelong dog owner — currently have 2 mixed breed Golden Aussies that we found abandoned on the side of the road as puppies. The entire process of making the hydrant and dog costume (more time for the hydrant) took us about one week – but it sure paid off! In the same way, if you have excess time and want to go all out, look for options with added face paint, specific hairdos and added effects to stand out from the crowd. However, I did look really good in it, and that’s all I really care about anyway.

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We even brought a leash and hooked it to his collar for an added funny touch. The mobile home is a great touch along with the beer can rollers in her hair. You can take your inspiration from movies, books, famous people or humorous figures. It’s just funny, because people see photos of her and automatically assume she hates everything that’s ever existed in the world, but I happen to be reasonably certain that’s not true. It’s a really grand outfit, that’s sure to steal focus at any Halloween event. This ethereal, magical jellyfish costume is a beautiful choice for Halloween.

There is a huge choice of them, funny dog costumes so we’ve collected for you the most original and interesting ones. If you need an easy peasy last minute idea for your little ones check out Little Hiccup’s DIY Smurfette costume. Mark the template and cut out. Print the hat template and cut out the size you prefer, the cone and the circle. Cut up an old sheet or use extra material to form the Pac Man ghosts with some friends. Place the template over the hat material and mark all around. This costume has an oversized trench coat, hat pair of glasses.

So, check out our list of homemade Halloween accessories, and see if you can pair them with something you already have at home to create an awesome costume. Pair this up with black high heels, and you’re ready to go! Nowadays one has such a selection of either homemade or ready made costumes to choose from. Fred and Wilma are one of the most famous pairs on the planet – making for the perfect Halloween costume. These salt and pepper costumes are perfect for two pups. Girls can choose incredible princesses, Elsa and Anna from «Frozen» movie or cute a rainbow and a rain cloud costumes. This cool foam helmet can be easily paired with tons of stuff to create a range of awesome Halloween costumes.

Friends started mailing him Halloween costumes. Creative, cute, and simply scene-stealing, this costume of Captain Hook being eaten by Tick Tock Croc is an all-around great outfit for Halloween. This getup is simple to make and comfy to wear, which is what you want from a Halloween costume for kids! You’re up for a little bit of a challenge, but don’t want to spend too much time or money coming up with a crazy Halloween costume! Whether you want your animal pal to look funny or scary, we can all agree that whatever you choose, it will be entertaining. The look is a very natural one so this couple is either one of two things.

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aftive and forceful. In costumes, the brighter and handsomer ones should be selefted for all but the slaves, and any Chinese costumes The stage should be If we don’t wear them again at Christmas, funny christmas costumes I will put them on my mannequins and stand them in the yard to bring my neighbors funny around the world costume ideas Christmas love. What happens when you love Christmas so much you have to bring it into Halloween? You will have so much fun together dressed as these star-crossed lovers. Don’t let them miss out on the fun – even if we’re really the ones enjoying it most! We have some of the best last-minute costume ideas, too, in case you wait until the last day before Halloween and run out of time. Most of all you and your beau will find you have acting skills you never knew about as everyone will be demanding nonstop entertainment from you guys. You guys get your black jeans and some quiet creeper sneakers stencil dollar signs on a couple of plain tot bags, two striped shirts, and don’t forget your masks.

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For all the guys who can’t stop watching “Top Gun,” try wearing this totally epic aviation costume for Halloween this year. Fun, sweet and bursting with energy, who doesn’t love SpongeBob Squarepants? You and your man could seriously get the Oscar for the Suicide Squad’s Joker and sweet little Harley Quinn. But if you’re lucky you too can get away with this! Choose from more men’s funny costumes including; the Tutu Grande, Mario, Popeye the Sailor Man or an inflatable gorilla that you can ride to the party on, with you dressed as the intrepid explorer on his back. Back To The Future is one of the most loved, iconic movies of all time and makes one of the best couples costumes. When Halloween rolls around each year everyone is always trying to come up with the best costume of all time.

Note: You can experiment by adding the party host’s name or year to see what sounds best. From celebrity couple costumes to comic book and Disney characters, to some just generally spooky but brilliant costume projects, you are sure to find ideas that will impress all and win the prize for best costume ever. If you still need some more cool ideas for DIY Halloween costumes, so you have the perfect attire to match that amazing decor, we have you covered. Check out our inexpensive DIY Halloween party decor ideas for those on a budget and these quick and easy Halloween decor ideas for those pressed for time. If you run out of time, we have some fun last minute DIY Halloween costumes.

We are aware that widespread media coverage of this allegation may have been unsettling for local residents and we would like to reassure the public that no crime has taken place on this occasion. And just like that, it was Halloween! There are numerous popular Halloween costumes for couples. With over 150 men’s funny costumes to choose from there’s sure to be something that will tickle your funny bone. Men’s funny costumes include a Breathalyzer, Lederhosen, funny work costumes the Shrek Gingerbread Warrior Man or a killer bee. When Cindy Crawford stepped out as Marilyn Monroe on The Tonight Show in 1996, she raised the bar for celebrity Halloween costumes forever. Check out these cute Halloween cookies and snack ideas for Halloween, too.

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Hey, funny realtor costumes remember that year when some dude ate a bat or something and plunged the entire planet into a pandemic? The Bat won’t appear in his latest movie until after Halloween, when Justice Leaguedrops in mid-November 2017, so you’ll be ahead of the trend when you rep this costume. What’s better than a costume party? My daily motivation is to help first-time dog owners be better prepared from the first day your new puppy enters your home. Although the idea for dressing up a horse in a Halloween costume seems unusual to many people, more and more horse owners are looking for creative and easy ideas for Halloween costumes for horse and rider.

View our fancy dress ideas list below to get more inspiration and ideas. Fancy dress is always a hit for parties, and children in particular have a great time dressing up. Adult Halloween costumes are just as popular, because big girls and boys like to dress up too. But I don’t like to post ’em online unless I can credit where the pictures originally came from. Costumes allow you to be bolder and get the party going, you can even take on the character you’ve dressed up as! But you’ll definitely get the looks when you sport this evil clown costume from the hit movie It.

The woman in the back looks to be the only one who is happy though. It looks simple but stylish and trendy. Disguises could be as simple as wearing an elegant mask just covering the eyes. And we have definitely come across dogs wearing formals with ties, casual wear as well as wedding gowns. The backwoods, the mobile home, the Budweiser beer bottles on the table and the wedding cake make this look like a redneck wedding that shouldn’t be missed! I like to help Dog Parents find unique ways to do things that will save time & money — so I write about “outside the box” Dog Tips and Dog Hacks that most wouldn’t think of.

Like one of the many reviewers says, “It’s a great, creepy costume.” Now go forth (in that weird zombie style of walking) and feast on candy this time! Okay but seriously, it is time to start planning out the PERFECT family Halloween costumes! Check out our tips on how to have a safe Halloween night with your dog. If you have a dog that doesn’t mind dressing up for different occasions and loves to grab eye balls with a unique dressing style, funny toddler halloween costumes why not order personalizable pet clothes from any one of the online stores using web-to-print software? You have to stuff them with fabric or paper towels (or any material that is somewhat soft) in order to make them appear real. In the eighth century; Pope Gregory III declared November 1 as All Saint’s Day in order to honor all saints and martyrs and incorporated some of the traditions of the Samhain festival.

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